Making transactions on BIDV SmartBanking app to draw hundred prizes

BIDV Smart Hunting is the first interactive game developed within BIDV SmartBanking. Customers earn plays for each eligible transaction via the app and have a chance to win big prizes inside a “treasure chest”
(excluding transfer between one’s accounts)

Earn one more play

Open new saving
account online

Earn three more plays

Other financial transactions (*)
Amount >= VND 200,000/ transaction

Earn two more plays

(*) Mobile top-up, QR Pay, bills/air tickets/hotel bookings…
Other financial transactions (*)
Amount < VND 200,000/ transaction

Earn one more play

(*) Mobile top-up, QR Pay, bills/air tickets/hotel bookings…

• Plays will be added right after eligible transaction is completed.

• The whole drawing process is only conducted by customer, within customer’s private BIDV SmartBanking app, and completely confidential.

• BIDV will directly transfer the prize value to winners’ current account within 10 working days from the date of winning. In accordance with the Law, prizes valued from VND10 million will be deducted 10% personal income tax before transferring to customers.

• List of winners is updated weekly at and

• BIDV never requires customers to provide personal information via website, nor charge customers for receiving prizes. If you receive any webpages, calls or emails related to the program, and you are requested to provide personal information such as ID number, bank account number, OTP, etc., please do not provide them. This could be a SCAM.

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4-11 November 2019
  • X2 plays for each eligible transaction.
  • 10 Super prizes: VND5 million/each.
  • 5,000 Effortless prizes: VND10,000/each.
11 November 2019 to 08 February 2020
VND450 million
  • 3 Grand Prizes: VND100 million/each (collect 4 different pieces to complete a picture).
  • 90 First Prizes: VND5 million/each (one player could win up to VND450 million).
  • 30,000 Lucky Prizes: VND10,000/each
November December 2019
Join Minigame to win
extra VND200,000
Visit BIDV fanpage at https://www.face-
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3 steps to play and win

3 steps to play
Step 1:

Log in BIDV SmartBanking, select “SmartHunting”.

Step 2:

Number of plays displayed on the screen. Press Play to start.

Step 3:

Shoot the balls to open treasure chests and win instant cash or puzzle pieces. Collect 4 different pieces to receive the Grand prize of VND100 million.

Clip how to play SmartHunting
Haven’t installed BIDV SmartBanking yet?
Follow instructions below:
Join Minigame to win extra VND200,000
Minigame is applicable for the 200 lucky customers to publicly share BIDV Smart Hunting on Facebook, including taglines as regulated.
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Play BIDV SmartHunting and win prizes.
Play BIDV SmartHunting and win prizes.
Share your prizes on Facebook with hashtags #BIDV #SmartBanking #SmartHunting to join and win the minigame.

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