Easy and free installation

Manage your account anywhere, anytime

Quick banking

Product features


    • Account information
    • Transaction information
    • Money exchange rate, interest rate
    • ATM / Branch address

Fund Transfer

    • Domestic transfer 
    • BIDV interbank transfer, 24/7 quick transfer


    • Periodical payment
    • Payment for electricity, telecommunication fees, ADSL, leased line, airfares, tuition fees.


    • Recharge phone cards for yourself and friends
    • Recharge electronic wallet, game card, buy scratch card

Online Registration

    • Apply for Credit Card, Domestic/ International Debit Card
    • Apply for loans online

Online Deposit

    • Make savings via BIDV Smart Banking with 0.1% plus in interest rate for terms under 12 months. Customers can withdraw in full or in part as needed.
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User guidance

  • Smart application helps customers communicate with BIDV anytime, anywhere, compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and running on any smartphone, tablet connected to 3G/ Wifi/ GPRS.
  • In addition to money transfer, automatic periodic payment, phone recharge, online deposit/withdrawal, customers can experience new features:
  • + Online lucky money giving: Give lucky money to customers' relatives, friends, colleagues with a new year card.
  • + Booking and payment of movie tickets: Booking/ paying for movie tickets of Galaxy Cinema/ Cinestar/ Mega GS/ DDC Cinema / BHD Star Cineplex in most provinces/ cities nationwide.
  • + Card related features: Credit card debit; Query card information/ lock/unlock card / re-enable PIN (debit, credit); Activate / deactivate e-commerce and non-card transactions (international debit/credit card); Change account link to debit card.
  • + Login / Authenticate transactions with Touch ID/Face ID: Apply on Android and IOS devices with Touch ID/Face ID support of the operating system.
  • +QR Pay: Transfer via QR code (Customer does not have to enter the beneficiary's information) and Create QR code transfer.
  • + Virtual Assistant: Transfers money to installed beneficiary, pays (electricity, water, telecom, television, electronic wallet, etc.) to the saved transaction form, recharges for saved phone number in device contacts via voice.
  • + Payment template: Save payment form of invoices, electronic wallet, etc., including Type of service, Supplier, Service, Customer code at Supplier, Amount (if any).
  • + Integration of e-commerce website VnShop: Purchase / pay for VNPAY Shop goods right on the application SmartBanking.
  • - And a lot of other benefits: Booking domestic and international airlines tickets, Chat with customer's group using BIDV Smart Banking, Search.
  • Individual customers having accounts opened at BIDV
  • Having phone number registered on BIDV system
  • - Option 1: Register at the nearest BIDV transaction office
  • - Option 2: Apply online on BIDV Smart Banking Application (applied to customers using BIDV Online / Bankplus service and successfully downloaded BIDV Smart Banking application on mobile phone)
  • - Option 3: Register / Send request for online service at https://ebank.bidv.com.vn/DKNHDT/ (applicable to customers who already have BIDV account).

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