Core values

Customer orientation – Innovation – Professionalism – Social responsibility

  • Established on 26 April1957, BIDV is proud to be the longest established financial institution with the most valuable brand in Vietnam. BIDV is listed in the Top 2000 world’s largest companies; Top 300 world’s largest banks (Brand Finance); Top 10 largest enterprises in Vietnam for 4 consecutive years. . BIDV is the first choice of economic organizations, businesses and individuals for financial and banking services.
  • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
  • Slogan: “Share opportunities, share success”
  • The slogan was announced for the first time at BIDV’s international customer conference on December 15, 2006. The slogan emphasizes the relationship between customers and BIDV, showing the bank’s desire for sharing with and accompanying customers on their development for mutual success.
  • The blue is symbolizes the future, hope and development. The red is the color of Vietnam national flag, symbolizing the strength, enthusiasm and passion. The white color symbolizes the transparency and integrity. These are also the principles of action and inspiration that BIDV wishes to convey to its employees, shareholders, customers and community as the whole.
  • Brand proposition: “The Bank of Today”
  • BIDV understands that the future of customers start today. BIDV is committed to meeting diverse financial needs of customers, laying solid foundations for customers to have a better life right from today.
  • BIDV has cemented its position as the leading bank in Vietnam, building a corporate culture imbued with BIDV personality which has been fostered over generations of staff, particularly:
  • -  The dedication and loyalty to the national interest and the country; taking the lead and taking up challenges to move forward.
  • -  The pure, wise and genuine passion for the industry and profession which has shaped a humanitarian corporate culture both traditional and modern.
  • -  The stuff to rise up from difficulties. BIDV has built a pioneering spirit and stuff, finding flexible ways to address obstacles and make breakthroughs.
  • -  The strong emotional bond among BIDV staff. It’s an honourable tradition when generations of the bank dedicate to the industry development.
  • -  The mutual love, sharing difficulties with disadvantaged people, contributing to the community development where BIDV has a presence. Such cultural identity has shaped the bank’s five core values, namely: Customer orientation – Innovation – Professionalism – Social responsibility – Quality and Trustworthiness. All make BIDV a trusted brand pioneering in the course of investment, development, economic restructuring and international economic integration.
  • Quality and Trustworthiness; Customer Orientation; Innovation; Professionalism; Social Responsibility
  • BIDV brand is a valuable asset that needs a thorough and long-term development strategy. In the bank’s restructuring plan towards 2020 with vision to 2030, BIDV is determined to invest in developing the brand comprehensively, professionalizing the corporate governance in line with the bank’s business scale and make BIDV brand international.
  • In 2014, the Bank signed an agreement with Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam to conduct a consultation project on “Brand development strategy until 2020 and vision to 2030", aiming to understand more about customers’ feelings and expectation for the Bank. Based on the project, BIDV aims to build a brand image closer to the customers - a dedicated bank that listens to and timely understands the needs of customers.
  • BIDV believes that with the ongoing efforts in building brand, the bank will bring customers more wonderful experience, deserving the trust of customers.


This is the official handbook providing for BIDV brand awareness criteria in business activities, marketing, advertisement and social welfare activities. To ensure the consistency of BIDV brand identity, partners providing advertisement, marketing and brand consulting services should comply with the provisions on brand identity setforth in the “BIDV Brand Handbook”.


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