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    • With ATM-based payment acceptance service, customers will enjoy the following benefits:
    •     - Fast, convenient transactions
    •     - Time and cost saving
    •     - Reduced risk of losing cash
    • Types of cards accepted:
    •    + BIDV domestic debit cards
    •   + Domestic debit cards issued by other Vietnamese banks (with Napas logo)
    •   + VISA international cards
    •   + MasterCard international cards
    •   + JCB international cards
    •   + UnionPay international cards
    •   + LaoVietBank cards
    •   + APN cards
    • Other types of cards following BIDV's regulations from time to time.
    • - Before doing AMT-based transactions, please carefully observe surrounding area, card insertion slot and key pad. If you feel unsafe, please refrain from entering transactions and move to another ATM. Remarks:
    • + About light at the card insertion slot: If light does not light up, it is very likely that the ATM has been installed with data-skimming device.
    • + Identifying whether the device installed from inside or outside: Data skimming device installed from outside will look different from the Bank's built-in anti-skimming device, for example: The skimming device may have unnatural color and may not look as sharp and firm as ATM built-in device.
    • + The camera to capture PIN entry operation of customers is usually placed in a position that is easy to capture the key pad (usually mounted on the upper front edge of the ATM).
    • + Decals affixed to the card insertion slot are often removed by the thieves because when the device is installed from outside, it will overwrite the decals and become visible to customers.
    • - In case of suspicion, please immediately notify BIDV or the nearest police office.
    • - Please cover the key pad when entering PIN code.
    • - In case of incorrect PIN, please double check PIN again, then repeat the transaction, if wrong PIN is entered four times in a row, your card will be automatically retained.
    • - Please keep the printed invoice even if the ATM fails to give you money.
    • - In case of any incidents with the card while making transaction at ATM (card is "swallowed", debiting SMS notification alerts when the transaction has not finished ...), please immediately contact BIDV's Customer Care Center via Hotline 1900. 9247 for emergency assistance. If you make a transaction at ATM of another bank, please immediately contact the emergency number of that bank on the ATM.

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