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Free visit and check whenever needed during the banking hours

  • Two following services are provided:
  • - Safe custody service: applied at all branches of BIDV. Assets are stored in vaults/depots following applied standards.
  • - Safe deposit box rental service: applied at Hoan Kiem branch. Assets are kept in safe boxes imported from abroad with beautiful design and modern functions. Automatic opening/closing by encrypted passwords and/or fingerprints of customers. Customers can enter and use safe boxes during banking hours.
  • Assets kept include valuable assets (gold, silver, precious metals, precious stones, foreign currency cash and others), valuable papers, documents as agreed between BIDV and customers which meet the following conditions:
  • 1. Assets are not prohibited to be possessed by law.
  • 2. Assets are not liquid substances, easily burnable, explosive or self-destructive substances.
  • 3. For assets requiring special conditions for storage and preservation, customers should immediately notify BIDV of asset status and appropriate measures.
    •  Individual customers: Valid Passport/ID card/Vietnamese military ID card/Citizen identity card
    •  Institutional customers:
    • - Establishment decision, investment certificate, business registration certificate, enterprise registration certificate or other papers evidencing  legal status.
    • - Power of attorney of the legal representative for the authorized person (if any).
    • - Valid identification document of legal representative of the organization.
    • Form of Safe custody service 
    • Form of Safe deposit box rental service

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