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  • 1. How to send money at BIDV's counter
  • - Present valid identification documents 
  • - Complete required information on BIDV payment order form:
  • (i) Receiving Bank: Name, Branch name (if any); (ii) Beneficiary: Account number/ID number, account name; (iii) Transfer contents.
  • 2. How to receive money at BIDV's counter
  • - Receiver shall present valid identification documents (In case of money receipt with ID document) or money will be automatically credited to the beneficiary's account at BIDV.
  • - SMS notification (if customers use BIDV SMS Banking) will be sent to customer's mobile number when the transferred money is credited to customer's account or customer can use internet/mobile banking for account inquiry.
  • Product features:
  • - Money can be transferred via or received at BIDV with or without customer's bank account.
  • - Multiple channels to transfer money:
  • + Transfer money at BIDV's counters;
  • + Transfer money via Internet/Mobile Banking/ATMs;
  • + 24/7 fast interbank money transfer 
  • Valid ID card/Citizen identity card/Vietnamese military ID card/Passport

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