Thanks to its excellent performance in card business, BIDV was honored to receive 2 awards voted by Mastercard: “Leadership in Acquiring Volume” and “Leadership in Cross Border Ecommerce Volume”.

On 30 June 2022, in the Annual Customer Conference (Mastercard Customer Forum) taking place in Da Nang City, Mastercard honored banks for their card business, in which BIDV received “Leadership in Acquiring Volume” and “Leadership in Cross Border Ecommerce Volume” award.

BIDV representatatives at the Awards

The “Leadership in Acquiring Volume” award was given to BIDV in recognition of  the bank’s highly advanced products such as Contactless payment via POS, and QR code integrated in financial solutions for corporate customers.

BIDV picked up the “Leadership in Cross Border Ecommerce Volume” award thanks to its diverse card products which have meet the demand of customers. In 2021 and 2022, BIDV introduced its Membership Rewards program for cardholders and exclusive promotions for cross-border payment via bank cards in order to boost the volume and make up for the decrease in direct payments via POS out of the border due to the pandemic.

The awards showcase the outstanding performace of BIDV in card business

With the goal of becoming a financial institution with the best digital banking platform in Vietnam, BIDV has constantly improved the quality of products and services, increased technology content, and applied the latest features onto its card products to provide the most convenience and benefits to customers, such as: 3D Secure technology, Contactless touch payment technology, Blockchain for calculating cashback points instantly within BIDV SmartBanking app.


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