On 28 October 2022, in Hanoi, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) held the final round of the Risk Culture Contest - a practical and meaningful activity towards international risk management practices and ensuring sustainable and safe operation of BIDV.

As a specialized industry, banking activities always face potential risks. Keeping that in mind, BIDV has pro-actively standardized its risk management procedures and practices to build a core value system in risk management, which was institutionalized into Resolution on Risk Culture in 2020. BIDV is also the first bank to organize a system-wide contest to evaluate the implementation results of risk culture with sustained effort to spread this critical culture... With the issuance of the Resolution on Risk Culture and robust implementation of practical activities, BIDV aims to build an operating environment characterized by a robust risk culture, which makes a practical and powerful impact on all aspects of BIDV, acting as a ground for safe, sustainable and effective development of BIDV, thereby contributing to a better customer service and a more stable economic development.

The Risk Culture Contest has been organized by BIDV since June 2022, aiming to spread and promote the learning environment, raising awareness and practicing risk culture in all aspects. The Contest has become a useful playground for each BIDV employee to learn, share experiences, understand the meaning of risk in business activities as well as be aware of their own role in preventing and controlling risks for BIDV.

The contest observed various colors from different teams

From the first days, the Contest has received positive feedback from many employees system-wide. After the individual and grassroots rounds at branches, BIDV successfully organized a regional team contest with the participation of 189 teams from 189 branches nationwide. More than 1,300 employees, who are very enthusiastic, talented, good at professional expertise, master and creatively apply core values ​​and principles of risk culture - directly competed in this round... From here, 10 most excellent teams were selected to attend the final round.

At the final round, with their enthusiasm and determination to win, 10 teams brought about an intense and dramatic contest with well-prepared special performances. The teams also demonstrated their bravery and intelligence through the debating competition, accurately responding to tough questions given by the Judging Panel as well as making suggestions to improve risk management at BIDV...

BIDV Hanoi won Special Prize of the Contest

After hours of intense competition, the final results were announced to honor the winning teams. BIDV Hanoi won Special Prize; first prize went to BIDV Cho Lon; second prizes were awarded to BIDV Nghe An and BIDV Quang Ngai;  Third prizes went to BIDV Ho Chi Minh City, BIDV Nam Binh Duong, BIDV Hong Ha; Consolation prizes were given to BIDV Hai Duong, BIDV Bac Lieu, and BIDV Sa Pa.

With the success of the Contest, BIDV believes that the values of risk culture will be spread more and more widely throughout the system to ensure safe, sustainable, and effective operation of BIDV, greatly contributing to the overall development of the banking industry and the country.


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