BIDV Smartkeyboard – a new version of BIDV SmartBanking will let customers quickly and securely make financial transactions with families, friends, or business partners while in any messaging app where the phone’s keyboard is used.

Effortlessly innovating its products to give customers the best service, BIDV has launched BIDV Smartbanking on mobile phone’s keyboard - BIDV Smartkeyboard, allowing customers to make a payment within an open conversation via messaging apps such as Messenger/Viber/Zalo,… The functions of BIDV Smartkeyboard are:

- Checking balance; Creating or sharing QR code

- Making payment: Internal transfer, 24/7 interbank transfer to account or card number, Domestic fund transfer, Transfer to saved contacts on BIDV SmartBanking

- Mobile top up

- Bill payment: electronic, water, telecommunication, air/train ticket,…

The design of BIDV Smartkeyboard is similar to the default keyboard on a mobile phone. However, it is added with quick access to BIDV SmartBanking’s functions while on an open conversation without shifting to the actual mobile banking app.

Exclusively built for keyboard, BIDV SmartKeyboard uses latest security technology such as authentication via OTP sent in SMS or Smart OTP of BIDV SmartBanking.

Follow the steps below to experience this new service:

- Step 1: Update the latest version of BIDV SmartBanking on App Store

- Step 2: Go to Setting, select General, then select Keyboard

- Step 3: Select Keyboard - SmartBanking and turn on Allow full access (In case there is no Keyboard – SmartBanking yet, select Add keyboard and select Keyboard – SmartBanking)

- Step 4: Open any messaging app, select icon 🌐, select "Keyboard - SmartBanking" and login to your account.

Download BIDV SmartBanking and don’t forget to activate BIDV Smartkeyboard to enjoy the best service from BIDV!


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