BIDV would like to introduce a new international money transfer service integrating Ria Money Transfer to its network across 1,060 locations.

From 15 Oct 2021, BIDV customers will now be able to receive funds sent through Ria’s extensive network worldwide and collect it from any [AMS1] BIDV location nationwide.

With a network of more than 490,000 locations across 165 countries across the world, Ria is a business segment of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) and a global leader in the cross-border money transfer industry.

BIDV now provides customers with an outstanding international money receiving service which offers many advantages:

- Receive money within minutes.  

- Quick and simple steps.       

- Receive money free of charge.       

To promote the convenient new service, from 15/10/2021 to 15/12/2021 customers will receive 100,000VND extras right after receiving a Ria money transfer at BIDV locations (apply for the first 500 transactions).

How to receive a money transfer sent through Ria:

Ste 1: The sender makes a transaction from a Ria location overseas and receives a unique eleven-digit PIN. The sender provides the payment information to the beneficiary.

Step 2:  The beneficiary goes to the nearest BIDV office, presents a valid ID, and completes the Ria Receiver Form with the full transaction details to collect the money completely free of charge.

Established since almost 65 years, BIDV relies on its extensive network and incorporates the latest technology platform to help customers and their loved ones receive money easily and quickly.

* Valid ID documents required to receive money at BIDV are as follow:
- For foreign citizens: Passport with a valid visa or other valid authorized documents issued by a competent Vietnamese agency.
- For Vietnamese citizens: Valid ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport.

Please contact Customer Service 24/7 on 1900 9247 or contact the nearest BIDV branch for more information.


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