PRIORITIZED serving order and space at BIDV's counters

Maximum withdrawal limit: VND200 MILLION/day

Maximum payment amount: VND500 MILLION/day

    • Transactions at millions of ATM/POS locations with MasterCard logo globally
    • Online payment of goods and services at websites with MasterCard payment acceptance logo worldwide
    • Transactions in any currency.
    • EMV chip technology security
    • Safe and effective spend management with BSMS.
    • 24/7 Interbank money transfer via BIDV's ATMs
  • Card's classPlatinum
  • Target customersBIDV's premier customers
  • Transaction limit

    Payment: VND500 million/day;

    Cash withdrawal: VND200 million/day;

    Fund transfer: VND500 million/day;

  • Detailed information on transaction limitTransaction Limit for International Debit Card.pdf
  • Issuance feesFree-of-charge
  • Annual FeePrimary card: VND300,000/card/year, Supplementary card: VND100,000/card/year
  • Cash withdrawal fee at BIDV's ATM/POSVND1,000/transaction
  • Cash withdrawal fee domesticallyVND10,000
  • Cash withdrawal fee abroad4% of withdrawal amount, VND50,000 at minimum
  • Fund transfer fee0.05% of transfer amount; VND2,000 at minimum, VND20,000 at maximum
  • Golf incentives

    +  40% off green fee for BIDV MasterCard Premier cardholders at 7 golf courses.

    + VND200,000 discount per booking and payment by BIDV cards with green fee of 1,000,000VND or higher for cardholders at 7 golf courses every month on a first come, first served basis.

    +  Applicable to: September 04, 2018.

    • I. Process for international debit card issuance at BIDV Branch:

    • 1. Application for card issuance:

    • - Agreement on issuance and use of debit cards and value added services provided by BIDV from time to time (click here)

    • - Identity documents:

    • + Vietnamese: Copies of Cardholders’ identity documents.

    • + Foreigners: Copies of valid Passport and visa (for cardholders without visa exemption as stipulated by Vietnam laws) of Cardholders or Cardholders’ legal representative (if necessary)

    • 2. Card issuance process:

    • - Customers present documents as requested and fill in the application form for card issuance as instructed by BIDV staff at BIDV Transaction Offices or Branches.

    • - BIDV will check customer’s documents and reconcile his/her registered information regarding card issuance with the bank’s information and their identity documents as well.

    • - Reasons for card issuance rejection: Invalid document(s) and/or customer is not eligible to open cards and/or fraud happens during  checking and verifying process, etc.

    • - BIDV will accept card issuance application if information after reconciling is valid and customer is eligible to open cards/card class level as registered.

    • - Receive your card in maximum 6 working days after registration date.

    • II. Online personal card issuance process:

    • 1.  Customers fill in online registration link and choose card on:

    • 2.  BIDV Customer Service Center will make phone calls to confirm customer’s request

    • 3.  A BIDV Branch will contact customers to confirm their application and  instruct customers to complete the issuance’s documents and processes.

    • 4.  Receive your card in maximum 6 working days after document completion date.





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