In order to increase customer experience on BIDV SmartBanking, from 4 November 2019, BIDV launches SmartHunting - the first interactive game on BIDV SmartBanking with the total prize value of over VND1 billion.

Smart Hunting is the most outstanding new feature on BIDV SmartBanking in 2019:

Smart Hunting as an interactive game proves to bring many advantages compared to traditional promotions:

- Enhancing customer experience on BIDV SmartBanking.

- Customers have the right to draw and win lucky prizes. The whole drawing process is completely transparent and confidential.

Other outstanding advantages of SmartHunting include combining a variety of playing styles in one; easy to play - easy to win; high chance of winning, attractive prizes,...

Easy to play – Easy to win

Besides launching the new feaure, BIDV also offers a promotion program for customers experiencing the game with a total prize value of over VND1 billion, the biggest prize value is VND450 million.

SmartHunting is an easy to play game yet a challenging one. By shooting fast moving treasure chests, players will have a chance to win instant prizes in cash or collect puzzle pieces to win the grand prize.

In particular, during the promotion program (from 4 November 2019 to 8 February 2020), customers make a financial transaction with amount from VND10,000 on BIDV SmartBanking to earn plays. The number of plays corresponds to the number of eligible transaction as follows:

 No.  Transaction  Number of play (*)
 1 Transfer (excluding transfer between one’s accounts)  01 play/transaction
 2 Open new saving account online  01 play/transaction
 3 Other financial transactions (Mobile top-up, QR Pay, bills/air tickets/hotel bookings…), amount less than VND 200,000/transaction  01 play/transaction
 4 Other financial transactions (Mobile top-up, QR Pay, bills/air tickets/hotel bookings…), amount higher than VND 200,000/transaction  02 plays/transaction

In addition, during Golden Week (from 4 to 10 November 2019), customers will receive double plays for each eligible transaction.

Attractive prize structure with over 40,000 prizes, totalling value of over VND1 billion:

Golden Week (from 4 to 10 November 2019)

 No.  Prize  Value (VND)  Number of prize
 1  Effortless Prize  10,000  5,000
 2 Super Prize  5,000,000  10
  Total    10,010

 Main program (from 11 November 2019 to 8 February 2020)

 No.  Form of gift  Name of prize  Value (VND) (*)  Number of prizes
 1  Cash  Effortless Prize  10.000  30.000
 2  Cash  Super Prize (*)  5.000.000  90
 3  Collection of 4 different pieces  Grand prize  100.000.000  3
   Total      30.093

(*) The daily Super prize (VND5 million/each) shall be accumulated up to the maximum value of VND450 million.

For example, on day n, no customer wins the Super prize, the prize value will be added to the next day, thus on day n + 1, the value of Super prize will be VND10 million. If on day n + 1, there is still no winner, the value of Super prize (VND 10 million) will be added to day n + 2, thus the value of Super prize on day n + 2 will be VND15 million, and so on.

How to play BIDV Smart Hunting:

To experience BIDV SmartHungting, please update the latest version of BIDV SmartBanking (version 3.3.7 on iOS and on Android).

For more information of the promotion program, click here to visit its official website, or contact Customer Care via Hotline 24/7: 19009247.

3 methods for registration of BIDV SmartBanking and experience ultimate features

1: On BIDV SmartBanking app (for customers already registered BIDV Online)

- Open app, select “Register online”

- Fill out blanks and authorize the transaction via OTP

- Fill out application form

- Receive first-time password via SMS and log in to your account

2: Online registration (for current account holders at BIDV) via

3: Visit nearest BIDV transaction points: Select the list of ATM/Branch and visit the nearest one for assistance.

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