• IntroductionBIDV Mobile for Corporate Customers is a mobile banking service, allowing corporate customers to conduct banking transactions, e.g. account and transaction inquiries, etc. in a safe, accurate, and quick manner without visiting a physical bank branch.
  • Queryable AccountsQuerying accounts, such as current account, savings account, loan account, overdraft account
  • Information LookupLooking up diverse banking information such as branch, ATM, POS locations, forex rates, interest rates, transaction offices working in non-working hours and others. Ngày
    • It is an electronic banking program which BIDV provides to customers via internet to carry out banking services as agreed with BIDV, including:
    • 1. Non-financial services:
    • + Account inquiry;
    • + Manage card accepting units;
    • + Query network collection report;
    • + Manage digital signature documents;                         
    •  2. Financial services:
    • + Domestic money transfer;
    • + International money transfer;
    • + Funds transfer according to the list;                                                                         
    • 3. Centralized cash flow management:
    • + Automatic money transfer;
    • + Cash flow management;
    • + Cash Flow Management Query;                                                             
    •  4. Other services provided from time to time

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