On 27 August 2019, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) received the Certificate on registration of public offering of bonds No.64/GCN-UBCK issued by the State Securities Commission.

BIDV will issue VND3,000 billion of bonds, including VND2.5 trillion 7-year bonds and VND500 billion 10-year bonds. These bonds are non-convertible, non-warranted and non-guaranteed, denominated in Vietnamese Dong, with a face value of VND10 million each.

The interest rates are calculated as follows: the Reference Rate (which is the average of 12-month interest rates for individual savings deposit denominated in Vietnamese Dong with interest paid at maturity of 4 banks including Agribank, Vietinbank, BIDV, and Vietcombank) plus 1.2% p.a for 7-year bonds and 1.3% p.a for 10-year bond.

Capital raised from the issuance will supplement BIDV’s working capital for its mid- and long-term loan demand.

From 27 August to 11:00am on 25 September 2019, these bonds are offered directly to investors at BIDV branches and transaction points nationwide, BIDV's Head Office and via BIDV Securities Joint Stock Company.

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