In order to increase advantages and offer more incentives to savings customers, from 20 July 2020, BIDV officially launched a promotion program totaling more than VND8.4 billion for depositors who receive monthly interest payments via An Phat interest payment accounts.

Multiple advantages of An Phat interest payment account

With the desire to offer quick, convenient, safe and secured transactions to customers when receiving deposit interest, from 20 July 2020, BIDV officially launched An Phat interest payment account to enable customers to conveniently receive savings interest anytime, anywhere through their accounts instead of visiting the bank’s counter.

To be eligible for An Phat interest payment account opening, you should have a savings account/time deposit/certificate of deposit amounting at least VND100 million at BIDV and, at the same time, sign up for BSMS service. If you have already had normal current account, from which you would like to change to An Phat interest payment account, please contact BIDV branches for assistance.

In order to offer more benefits and encourage customers to use An Phat interest payment account, the following attractive incentives will be offered to customers who sign up to open An Phat interest payment account:

  • - Current account balance is not required.
  • - Free account management for 12 months; Free cash withdrawal at BIDV counters nationwide for withdrawal limit of VND50 million/transaction within 12 months from the date of account opening.
  • - Free BSMS service for 6 months for newly registered customers.

 Opportunity to receive gifts totaling VND8.4 billion

From 20 July 2020 to 20 October 2020, BIDV implements the promotion program “Convenient Periodic Interest - Exciting Summer Fest” for customers who newly open/renew their savings accounts at BIDV for 6, 9, 12, 13, 18 and 24 month terms at the counter and sign up to open and receive monthly interest via An Phat interest payment account. Accordingly, customers will immediately receive cash gifts as follows:


Minimum deposit amount (VND)

Gift value (VND)

6 months



9 months



12 months



13 months



18 months



24 months



The number of gifts a customer receives is calculated based on the total deposit amount divided by the minimum deposit amount corresponding to the above term. A round number is used in case the deposit amount is not an integer.

In addition, at the time of 23:59 on the last day of the program, customers who meet the program conditions with An Phat account balance of at least VND1 million will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw, in which their An Phat's account number will be the lucky draw code. Accordingly, customers will have a chance to win 88 great prizes totaling more than VND500 million as follows:



Number of prizes

Prize value (VND)

1st prize

LG Inverter InstaView Door-in-Door 601 litter GR-X247JS



2nd prize

Daikin Inverter 1 HP ATKA25UAVMV



3rd prize

RO Karofi N7RO







With An Phat interest payment account and the promotion program “Convenient Periodic Interest - Exciting Summer Fest”, we hope customers will experience great features and benefits when receiving savings interest through accounts and enjoying our e-banking services. At the same time, various smart home appliances offered under this promotion program will enable customers to enjoy a full and meaningful life.

For more information on other offers of deposit products please click here.

For detailed information, please contact your nearest BIDV branch or call BIDV 24/7 Contact Center via Hotline: 1900 9247.


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