Accompanying with individual customers to recover production and business facing the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, from 14 September 2020, BIDV expanded its credit package from VND30,000 billion to VND70,000 billion.

The previous VND30,000 billion loan package implemented from 27 July 2020 has quickly reached the scale and expanded by VND40,000 billion until 31 December 2020. Customers participating in the loan package will continue to enjoy preferential interest rates of from only 5.5% p.a. for loans termed less than 6 months or from only 6% p.a. for loans termed from 06 to 12 months.

In addition, customers who borrow capital for production and business during this period will simultaneously participate in many attractive incentive programs from other products and services such as e-banking, insurance, deposit,... to manage effectively their personal accounts such as:

- Free maintenance of electronic banking service

- Offering up to 0.2% p.a. interest rate when sending money online

- Discount up to more than 70% of online money transfer fee outside the system

- Receive 100% of the recharge card value immediately (maximum VND100,000 per customer) when registering and recharging your phone on BIDV SmartBanking

- Borrowers are also entitled to preferential cards (credit cards, debit cards) from time to time

In addition to the recent interest rate reduction (down 0.5% / year on August 28, 2020), the expansion of the loan package in both size and implementation time promises to help individual customers access preferential capital source, promoting production and business activities, contributing to the economic recovery. Previously, from August 5, 2020, BIDV lowered the medium and long term interest rates from 0.1% to 0.2% / year (depending on the term) for home  loans, car loans, personal and production & business loan from 36 months, and at the same time expanding the loan package "Companion for reach out" from VND20,000 billion to VND40,000 billion.

For more information, please contact BIDV branches and transaction offices nationwide or 24/7 Customer Service Call Center: 1900 9247 for assistance.


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