In order to support customers to reduce difficulties and effects caused by Coronavirus, BIDV implements a credit package of VND5,000 billion for individual customers, along with preferential policies in lending interest rates, savings and e-banking services. Starting on 14 February, the program will end on 30 April 2020 or until the promotion budget are fully disbursed.

Billions of VND to support business borrowers

From 14 February, BIDV implements a credit package of VND5,000 billion exclusively for the bank’s current business loans in agriculture, exporting and tourism, which are affected by Covid-19 outbreak. In particular, the priority is given to agricultural products such as dragon fruit, watermelon, jackfruit and banana; aquatic products such as Tra fish, Basa, and other catfishs; tourism, including auxiliary services such as restaurants and hotels; exporting, mainly with China.

Under this credit package, BIDV’s customers will be entitled to a fixed interest rate of only 5.5% p.a. in up to 4 months after the first disbursement.

In addition, BIDV has implemented another credit package of VND10,000 billion with loan interest rate from 6.5% to 7.5% p.a. for the other business borrowers.

Promoting e-banking transactions to reduce the spread of Corona virus

BIDV, among other banks, has quickly encouraged customers to make transactions via e-channels such as BIDV Smartbanking and BIDV Online.

To support customers in transiting from traditional banking to e-banking platforms, BIDV will refund 100% transaction fees on BIDV Smartbanking and BIDV Online for new users registering for these services. The fees will be refunded to customers’ registered account on a monthly basis, with a total budget of VND2.46 billion.

Moreover, BIDV e-banking users will enjoy extra 0.2% p.a. interest rate for all saving terms compared to interest rate quoted at BIDV transaction offices. (The prefential interest rate is displayed on the app and not exceeding the ceiling interest rates set by the State Bank of Vietnam)

BIDV will continue on the policy of no registration fee and no maintenance fee for BIDV Online and BIDV SmartBanking users.

BIDV Online and BIDV SmartBanking provide a wide range of services including transferring, online savings, bill payments, QR payment, mobile top-up… Newly added functions which are air/train/tour ticket booking, hotel booking, shopping via Vnshop… have met customers’ daily need.

BIDV is proud to be the first and only bank to receive “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” award for 5 consecutive years (2015-2019) by The Asian Banker; “Outstanding E-Banking" award for the third time and “Vietnam Outstanding Retail Bank” award by the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) and the International Data Group (IDG) for 4 consecutive years (2016-2019). With timely support, BIDV is one of the banks standing side by side with customers to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19 outbreak.

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