Promotion period: From 15 November 2019 to 25 January 2020 (or until running out of budget)

Promotion mechanism:

- Cash back VND1,000,000 for co-branded BIDV - Vietravel international credit cardholders

- Cash back VND500,000 for other BIDV international credit cardholders

- Conditions: The total payment volume at Vietravel’s POS during the promotion period is over VND15 million

- Each customer can only receive the offer once only during the promotion period

Applicable cards:

- International co-branded BIDV - Vietravel creditcard: BIDV MasterCard Vietravel Platinum, BIDV MasterCard Vietravel Standard Credit.

- Other international creditcards: BIDV Visa Infinite, BIDV MasterCard Platinum, BIDV Visa Platinum, BIDV Visa Premier, BIDV Visa Precious, BIDV Visa Smile, BIDV Visa Flexi.

Applicable scope: All branches of Vietravel


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