1. Promotion period:

- Card Issuance/Registration for BIDV Pay+ : from June 1 to 13 September 2020

- Cashback fee: until 31 December 2020.

2. Applicable products and services:

- Domestic debit card: Etrans chip and Harmony, except for Etrans card linked to USD account

- BIDV Pay+ service

3. Promotion mechanism:

- Offer 1: Issue card with ZERO fee

+ Harmony card: Free issuance, free of charge for 3 months annual fee in the first year.

+ Etrans chip card: 50% discount of issuance fee and free of charge for 03 months of annual fee in the first year.

- Offer 2: Install BIDV Pay+ and withdraw money with ZERO fee

Cashback when withdrawing money on BIDV ATMs with BIDV domestic debit card and BIDV international  debit card using mobile app BIDV Pay+ for new customers during the promotion period.


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