Applicable time: From 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2020


Cash back 10%  (maximum of VND 1 million) for BIDV international cardholders billed over VND1 million and paying by BIDV International cards on BIDV POS at Pico store.

Eligible cards : 

- International Credit cards: BIDV Visa Infinite, BIDV Visa Premier, BIDV Visa Patinum Cashback, BIDV Master Platinum, BIDV Master Vietravel Platinum, BIDV Visa Platinum, BIDV Visa Precious, BIDV Visa Smile, BIDV Visa Flexi, BIDV Master Vietravel

- International Debit card: BIDV Master Platinum, BIDV Master Premier, BIDV Master Ready,BIDV Master Vietravel, BIDV Master Young +.

Applicable location: Pico Store in Ha Noi



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Hot promotion

  • Preferential Value


  • Competitive Refund

    VND 1,000,000

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