Transactions via mobile devices

Debit/Credit transaction notification

An SMS on debit/credit transaction made on the registered accounts wil automatically be sent to customers

Account balance enquiry service

Customers with accounts opened at BIDV can check their account balance/transactions and exchange rate

Multiple phone numbers allowed

No limit to the number of phone numbers registered to receive messages

  • Following services will be provided via BSMS:
  • - Automated SMS notification:
  • + Current account: Notify Credit/Debt transactions on current account, alert SMS during nightmode of Corebanking system (*)
  • + Savings account: Notify upon depositing into a term deposit account, partial/full withdrawal of term deposit account, term deposit account balance, etc.
  • + Loan account: Information on loan disbursement, next repayment period, customer repayment status, overdue debt message, etc.
  • + Other information: Credit card information, information for corporate customers, etc.
  • - Inquiry:
  • + Current deposit account balance
  • + Last transaction information
  • + 5 most recent transactions
  • + Term deposit account balance
  • + Total outstanding balance
  • + Outstanding balance of a single loan
  • + Exchange rate
  • (Corporate, individual) customers having accounts opened at BIDV
  • - Option 1: For customers who do not have any current account at BIDV:  please visit your nearest BIDV branch/transaction office for registration. Application: Valid ID card/passport
  • - Option 2: For customers who have current accounts at BIDV: Please register online at
  • - Option 3: Register via Hotline 1900 9247
  • - Option 4: For customers who have current accounts at BIDV, please register via Bankplus app using their Viettel mobile number (applied to customers who have used or not used Bankplus).
  • - Assistance hotline: BIDV's Customer Care Center Hotline: 1900 9247
  •  Remarks:
  • During the data transformation period at the end of banking day (normally from 10:00pm to 4:00am the next day), the system will send an alert SMS for debit transactions on BIDV Online, BIDV Business Online, BIDV SmartBanking, Bankplus, ATM ... Full SMS for transactions that occur during the nightmode of CoreBanking system will still be sent to customers the next morning as currently applied.

High discount rate

Discount rate 3-5% for telecommunication fee.

Suitable for all phones

Can be accessed to via regular phone anytime at any locations covered by Viettel mobile network. No Internet-connected phone is required

Transactions can be made anytime, anywhere

Transactions can be made anytime, anywhere on mobile phone without visiting Bank's counters or ATMs.

  • - Check account information: account balance, transaction history
  • - Internal fund transfer, Interbank transfer
  • - Payment of products/services (telecommunication fees for all mobile networks, electricity bill, water bill, Internet bill, game card, phone scratch card, cable TV fee, air ticket, finance, insurance, education, ...) with bountiful attractive incentives.
  • - Deposit/inquiry/full withdrawal of online term deposits
  • - Automatic registration of BSMS
  • Individual customers who have current accounts opened at BIDV and Viettel mobile phone subscription.
  • Service can be registered at the Bank's counters or automatically without visiting the Bank's transaction office
  • Option 1: At the Bank's counter:
  • Step 1: Customer visits BIDV's transaction offices nationwide, presents their valid ID card/Military card/Passport and completes Service Application Form provided by BIDV.
  • Step 2: BIDV's staff receives the Application and performs the registration procedures.
  • Step 3: If customer information is valid, they will receive an SMS from Viettel notifying successful registration of Bankplus.
  • Step 4: Customer activates the service.
  • Option 2: Auto channel: Customer presses *123*666#, then presses the call button and follows instructions for service registration.
  • After successful registration, service can be accessed to on Bankplus app or via USSD channel (*123# call button).
  • Proposal cum Contract of opening account and services for individual customer (click here)
  • Application form for BIDV e - banking  (click here)
  • Maintenance Application form for BIDV e - banking (click here)
  • Remarks on transaction time limit:
  • During the data transformation period at the end of banking day (normally from 10:00pm to 10:30pm), the service will be interrupted for 30 minutes. No transaction should be performed during this period.

Easy and quick registration

Register online
Fill in the registration form
Confirm information
BIDV will contact you for information verification and account opening.
A notification of the successful service registration from BIDV will automatically be sent to customers

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