Dear Valued Customer

Along with the rapid development of social network, the number of web fraud and high-tech crimes has tended to increase. Perpetrators fraudulently use banks’ reputation, taking advantage to deceive customers.

Recently, there have been several cases which have caused public anger and seriously affect BIDV's image. BIDV would like to inform customers and hope to raise awareness about recent scams.


Fraudsters impersonating a BIDV staff use pictures from BIDV’s seminars and nametag with BIDV logo and engage in dialogue with customers via Zalo and Facebook. Once gaining trust from a customer, they promise to lend customer a small loan (less than VND100 million) and require a "risk premium" of VND1-2 million. Immediately after sending the premium, customer is unable to contact the fraudster.


Stay alert. Always verify offers from strangers and notice suspicious signs. When in need of our Bank products and services, customers can directly access BIDV's official website at, call Customer Service Center 24/7 via 19009247, or visit nearest transaction office.

When making banking transactions, please note that customer only provide personal information such as ID card, household registration book, labor contract, ect to BIDV - NEVER give it to strangers or input on fake websites (The only domain name used and authorized by BIDV is

BIDV directly collect service fees at the bank and provide valid proof of payment to customers. List of service fees is publicly announced in accordance with regulations at BIDV transaction points and on BIDV official website ( It is recommended that customers do not pay any fee without checking BIDV's list of service fees and NEVER transfer the fee to any third party.

In case of any doubts or incidents related to frauds, customers should immediately contact the authorities and notify BIDV Contact Center 24/7 via 19009247 or the nearest BIDV transaction point for timely assistance.

We hope that the above information will help customers to be on high alert and enjoy banking services with peace of mind.

Thank you for your trust and support in our service!

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