Recently, within the framework of the Establishment Ceremony of Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association (VIDA) period 2019 - 2024, BIDV and VIDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on development cooperation.

Signing the MOU, BIDV becomes the first credit institution to establish a partnership with VIDA. Under the agreement, the two parties ensure long-term and sustainable cooperation through mutual assistance, promoting each other's strengths in accordance with each party’s development strategy. BIDV and VIDA committed to cooperate and create favorable conditions for their members and customers to quickly access and conveniently use products and services. BIDV and VIDA affirmed to offer preferential, reasonable and competitive interest rates and service charges in compliance with the law.

VIDA was established based on the High-Tech Agriculture Club of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association. VIDA’s mission is to consolidate collective strength and gather resources to digitally develop Vietnam's agriculture, aiming at "Be rich in agriculture". The Association will carry out practical tasks, including: building technology infrastructure for agriculture, expanding the market internationally; researching and selecting appropriate technology for each farming and processing model in Vietnam; attracting investment for deep processing of agriculture products in Vietnam; training and growing digital agricultural human resources in Vietnam, etc.


Mr. Phan Thanh Hai - Head of BIDV Wholesale Bank (on the left) and Ms. Ninh Thi Ty - Vice Chairman of VIDA - signed the MOU

In 2019, BIDV is the only bank in Vietnam to receive the award “Best SME Deal” by ADB; “SME Bank of the Year” and “Corporate Client Initiative of the Year” by Asian Banking & Finance (Singapore) for 2 consecutive years (2018 and 2019). Previously, BIDV received 02 “Best SME Bank Vietnam 2018” awards by Global Banking & Finance Review (GBFR-UK) and Alpha Southeast Asia (Hong Kong).


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