Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Thanh Nam Branch (BIDV Thanh Nam) announces the selection of asset valuation organization as follows:

1. Property information:

- Asset name:

+ 08 land use rights, workshops and operators in Khanh Hong, Yen Khanh and Ninh Binh communes

+ System of sewing machines and equipment: Sewing machine, Button press machine, Steam iron, ...

+ Assets attached to land include: cafeteria, garage ... Building on the leased land of Khanh Hong Commune People's Committee under Mortgage Contract No. 01/2015/5936046/HDBD dated November 19, 2015

+ Assets are machinery and equipment in the sewing industry under the Property Mortgage Contract No. 01/2019/5936046 / HDBD dated October 4, 2019 such as: Sewing machine, Overlock machine, Bridge, etc.

- Property address: At Khanh Hong commune, Yen Khanh district, Ninh Binh province

- Purpose: To evaluate the value of the loan security assets of Hoang Long Embroidery Garment Company Limited at BIDV Thanh Nam as the basis for determining the starting price of the auctioned property.

2. Deadline for application submission:

Application deadline is 5 days from the date of notification (during office hours). Deadline for Application documents sent via express mail will be calculated based on express mail seal, and must be sent to BIDV Thanh Nam within 7 days of this notice.

3. Location of submission:

- Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Thanh Nam Branch, Debt Settlement Team

- Contact person: Mr. Pham Van Thuong (Email:; Telephone: 0936636166).

4. Selection criteria:

- Selected enterprises must be on the public list of price appraising enterprises eligible for price appraisal activities of the Ministry of Finance.

- The selected price appraisal enterprise does not fall into the case of no price appraisal under the provisions of the Law on prices and the documents guiding the implementation.

- Selected valuation companies must be on the list of Independent Valuation Companies prioritizing selection of collateral at BIDV.

5. Application includes:

- Organization legal documents (business registration, registration of signature and seal etc.)

- A written description of competence and experience.

- Price quotation, other commitments of the auction organization (if any).

- Other documents required by authorized entity.


- Application documents of the unselected organizations will automatically be expired.

- BIDV Thanh Nam will issue a written notice of the result to the selected property auction organization, those not being selected will not receive such notice. BIDV Thanh Nam will not return the documents to the unselected organizations


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