Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Thanh Nam Branch announces the auction of security assets of Thuy Dat Textile Export Import Joint Stock Company as follows:

1. Information on Auctioned Property:

Assets include: 1 Steamer, 1 Camera, 40 Trolley towels, 1 Drying lot.

2. Starting price of the auctioned property:

The starting price for auction of all assets is VND3,252,000,000 or in case the customer needs to buy each type of asset individually, the retail will be conducted as follows:

+ Property 1 - Autoclave: VND1,054,000,000

+ Property 2 - Film camera: VND1,752,000,000

+ Property 3 - Towel trolley: VND216,000,000

+ Property 4 - Drying lot: VND230,000,000

Principles of asset sales: Priority customers buy the package 4 above. If there is no customer buying the package, the customer registering to buy any property will organize the auction of such property.

Price does not include VAT and costs related to the transfer process. All costs related to the transfer of ownership / use of property, including registration fee, title transfer fee, notarization fee and other expenses (if any), will be borne by the auction winner.

3. Time and place for auction:

- Time to sell dossiers, submit dossiers to register for auction participation: From 9 July 2020 to 17 July 2020 (during office hours)

- Time to organize the auction: At 15:00 on 20 July 2020

- Location: No. 6 National auction company, at 101 building, 1-storey house 129F1-2, TT 435a, Giai Phong street, Phuong Liet ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi City.

- Contact: Directly to No. 6 National Auction Company, Phone: 0944.957.157 (Mr Trong) or contact BIDV Thanh Nam, Mr. Pham Van Thuong - Office of Corporate Banking - Tel: 0228.3633634; Mobile: 0936636166; Mail:


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