Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Thanh Nam Branch (BIDV Thanh Nam) would like to announce the auction of assets of Thuan Phat Company as follows:

1. Information of property:

- Assets attached to land in Lot B1, Hoa Xa Industrial Zone, My Xa, Nam Dinh city, including: Operation House (110m2), Factory (1.436,8m2), Factory number 2 (720 m2), Factory number 4 (344 m2),and other supporting constructions. Total area: 4.345,2 m2

- Machines for manufacturing tissue: Napkin Folding machines, Women sanitary napkin machine, Machinery for making paper, Color rotogravure printing machine, and other supporting machines.

- Inventory: tampons, tissue, materials for making tissue, and others.

2. The starting price of the auction of assets: VND25,835,430,178

Starting price does not include VAT and costs related to the transfer process. All costs related to the transfer of land use rights, transfer of ownership of assets, such as taxes, fees and charges, .... (if any) are borne by the Buyer.

3. Time and place of the auction:
- Time to submit registration dossiers for auction participation: From 21 May 2020 to 29 May 2020  (during working hours)
- Time to organize the auction at 9:30 am on 01 June 2020
- Location: BIDV Thanh Nam Branch – No. 80 , Dong A street, Loc Vuong Sub-District, Nam Dinh city
- Contact:  Lam Son partnership auction company- Ha noi Branch, phone number: 024.62598201 or Contact to BIDV Thanh Nam, Mr Hung Le Huy - Business customer Department; Mobile: 0971919992; Email:


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