1. Information on Auctioned Property:

- Sale of Property 4.1 - Property on land in Zone A: All properties associated with land in Area A (including: Executive office cum Office, Workshop No. 1,2,3, Workshop pulled fiber, Warehouse, Canteen and kitchen, Guard house, Electronic weighing system, Power station, Water treatment station, ………), Water supply system, Industrial exhaust fan 36 ”(13 pieces). According to the Certificate of land use right, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land No. BP 708486, the number in the book CT01725 issued by Nam Dinh People's Committee on May 25, 2015 (total land area 11,109,09 m2)

- Sale of Property 4.2 - Assets attached to land in Zone B: All properties attached to land in Zone B (including: Main production workshop, bleaching, dyeing houses, new workshops, warehouses and houses tools, worker motels, boiler houses, security houses, garages, power stations, …….), systems of equipment for water supply and treatment, steam supply systems and other equipment , Automatic door locomotive, Towel cooking pot (02 pieces), Industrial exhaust fan 36 "(16 pieces), Single cylinder boiler DZL4-1,25-ALL, 4 tonne boiler DZL4-1,25 -AIII (02 pieces).

- Sale of Assets 4.3 - Printing line: 12-color printer with size of 02m (KC-86ASIG), Tensioner, Lamp stretch, HTMH 338-220 Dryer, Humidifier, Air compressor.

- Sale of Assets 4.4 - Automatic bleaching line: 2.4m wide cleaning line LMH2130-240, Preliminary dryer.

 - Sale of Property 4.6 - Spinning machine, fiber winding machine: GA128-1800 mm warping machine (including 01 Spool), GA306A-2400 mm Warping machine (including 18 spindles).

- Sale of Assets 4.7 - Machines and equipment that can be sold individually: SW878 tape dispenser (including 1 spool shaft), Fiber testing machine, Automatic splicing machine, Spinning machine SME301-1500mm, TH-2000 extractor, SH TLZ-2000 towel extractor, WMD 300kg Normal pressure dyeing machine, WMD 150kg Normal pressure dyeing machine, 200kg MF-98 High pressure towel dyeing machine (02 pieces), 400kg high pressure towel dyeing machine SA ASME998 (03 pieces), Towel dryer, Experimental dyeing machine (3-5kg), SH SMB26 cotton trimmer, Washing machine (02 pieces), Cage dryer (02 pieces).

2. Starting price: VND 89,846,000,000 for all assets.

In particular:

  • - Asset 4.1 - Property on land in Area A: VND 31,565,000,000
  • - Asset 4.2 - Assets attached to land in Area B: VND 35,550,000,000
  • - Asset 4.3 - Printing line: VND 7,860,000,000
  • - Asset 4.4 - Automatic bleaching line: VND 6,930,000,000.
  • - Asset 4.6 - Machines for stranding and sizing yarn: VND 588,000,000
  • - Asset 4.7 - Retail machinery and equipment each: VND 7,353,000,000.

Principles of sale:

- Purchasers of all 6 assets take first priority. In case of no application for all assets, the assets registered shall be auctioned.

- For assets in Zone B: Purchasers of assets 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7 take first priority before asset 4.2

- Asset 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7: In case of no application for the whole package, the assets registered shall be auctioned.

The above price does not include the costs associated with the transfer of ownership/use of property, registration fees and other costs (personal income tax, fees, notary fees ...) When buying assets, these costs are borne by the auction winners.

3. Organizations and individuals participating in auctions of properties attached to land must ensure the following provisions:

- Satisfying the conditions specified in Clauses 2 and 3, Article 189 of the 2013 Land Law.

- The successful bidder shall fully comply with the current provisions of the Investment Law: Organizations and individuals participating in auctions must be considered by competent State agencies before conducting the auction.

- Participants in the auction must ensure the conditions prescribed by the Auction Law such as: People with no civil act capacity, people who have lost or restricted civil act capacity, ... are not allowed to register to participate in the auction. auction (in accordance with Article 38 of the Law on Auction).

4. Time and place for auction:

- Time to submit the application for auction participation: From June 03, 2020 to June 08, 2020 (during office hours)

- Time to hold the auction: At 14:30 on June 10, 2020

- Location: Trading Center of Thanh An Auction Company - Floor 4, Số 3 Trần Khánh Dư, Phan Chu Trinh Ward, Hoàn Kiếm District, TP. Hanoi.

- Contact: Directly to Thanh An Auctioning Company, Phone: 024.38784965 / 01686131313 or contact BIDV Thanh Nam, Mr. Pham Van Thuong - Customer Service Department - Tel: 0228.3633634; Mobile: 0936636166; Mail: thuongpv@bidv.com.vn


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