BIDV Private Banking service has provided customers with specialized and sustainable financial solutions, especially in wealth management.

Private Banking is a service for high net worth individuals (HNWI), popular in developed countries. Realizing the potential for deployment in Vietnam, in October 2021, BIDV launched the Private Banking service with core values: Reliable Consulting, Global Opportunity Connection, Specialized Service, and Unlimited Privileges.

Business model following international standard

BIDV is the first state-owned joint stock commercial bank to build a private banking model according to international standards. Private clients are served by a team of highly qualified wealth management officers and investment consultants, well-trained by a leading international consulting partner.

Diverse products, specialized utilities

Besides tailoring the traditional banking services to the needs of customers (BIDV Private Banking card, Privilege deposit, credit policy, special interest and fee incentives for Private customers, BIDV SmartBanking with customized interface), BIDV has continuously expanded and fine-tuned its diversified product and service portfolio, making a difference in the market such as protection solutions (one-time fee insurance products); from basic investment channels such as bonds - Smart Bond, open-end fund certificates - Smart Fund to specialized investments such as investment entrustment - Smart Investment; specialized consulting services and wealth management solutions.

An ecosystem of global partners

In order to secure and increase assets for customers, BIDV has connected with domestic and international partners to design optimal wealth management solutions for customers at home and aboard. The ecosystem of global partners brings in-depth advice from leading experts in the world so that customers can make plans in their journey to expand their wealth in a variety of fields such as wealth planning and inheritance consulting, educational consulting; immigration consulting, tax consulting, healthcare, etc.

Privileges above and beyond

BIDV Private Banking not only promises an above-and-beyond experience, but also is a comprehensive care and attention for family and loved ones with exclusive privileges: family doctor; professional personal assistant providing information and support for consulting and connecting services globally; outstanding lifestyle privileges (golf, airport lounge, fasttrack, spa, dining, resort...)

With a strong potential, long-established reputation, professional experience in serving customers and the companionship of major global partners, BIDV aims to be No.1 private banking brand in Vietnamese market and reach out to the Asian market, meeting all the needs of HNWIs for sustainable wealth management and development.


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