On December 9th, 2021, the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam(BIDV) coordinate with the Ba Vi National Park Management Board to organize a planting project in Khanh Thuong commune area, Ba Vi National Park. These trees resulted from contributions of athletes participated in the “BIDV-For a green life”, which is a part of BIDV’s “1million trees” planting project and also, an activity towards the 65th anniversary of BIDV Traditional Day(26/4/1957 - 26/4/2022).

On April 2021, BIDV has organized a Charity Run called “BIDVRUN- For a green life” with the aim of continuing to raise awareness and establish healthy habits for the community; mobilized BIDV’s staffs, customers and public to contibute to BIDV’s planting project and building community housses to avoid floods according to athletes’ running achievements. The expenses for planting trees and building community houses shall be paid by BIDV. The event attracted 28,400 athletes and contributed 5.6 billion VND to build community houses and 64,000 trees(equivalent to 3.2 billion VND). The “1 million trees” project launched by BIDV in response to the Prime Minister’s “1 billion trees” project for the period 2021 – 2025 with the aim of contributing to protect the ecological environment, improve the landscape and adapt to the climate change response, socio-economic development and the country.

Representatives of BIDV’s Board of Directors presenred 2000 trees to Ba Vi National Park

Speaking at the lauching ceremony, Mr.Tran Xuan Hoang- Member of the Board of Directors of BIDV, Chairman of the Trade Union of BIDV- emphasized:

“Promoting the spirit of the whole country to join jands and unamimously respond to the Government’s project to plant and take care of 1 billion trees, BIDV is one of the pioneers, actively working with the community to carry out environment protection activity. The implementation of planning 64,000 trees from the result  of the “BIDVRUN -For a green life” is the first phase of the “1 million trees” project. BIDV aims to plant 1 million trees in protection forest areas in order to reduce harmful effects of natutral disasters, protect the environment and achieve sustainable development goals. As spring is coming, bringing the warm weather for trees to flourish and give us new hopes, to build a green, sustainable and prosperous Vietnnam together.”

BIDV’s leaders toghether with Khanh Thuong’s commune leaders and Ba Vi National Park planted the very first green trees

Mr. Do Huu The – Director of Ba Vi National Park Management Board, which receives and takes care of newly planted trees – said:

“BIDV has contributed a large number of precious timber trees such as : Green Bach, Green Lim, Cho chi, Doi, Chestnut,.. to Ba Vi National Park. We will be responsible for planting and taking care to ensure that the tree lives and grows well.”

The very first trees of the Project were planted by BIDV and marked for the green future of the economy, contributing to the goal of sustainable development, spreading the brand image of a BIDV – For the community.

For details, please contact:

Branding & Communication Department

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam(BIDV)

Phone: 024.22205256; Fax: 024.22200399


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