BIDV, as well as other Vietnamese banks, has collaborated with global leading financial professional organizations to maintain internationally standardized personnel.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and wales (ICAEw) is one of the prestigious international organizations that BIDV has trusted for the development of high-quality human resources of the bank. The collaboration dated back to October 2018 when ICAEw handed over an Authorised Training Employer (ATE) certificate to BIDV.

Representative of ICAEW awards the ATE certificate to BIDV Training and Research Institute (October 2018)

Ms. Dang Thi Mai Trang - Chief Representative of ICAEw Vietnam said: ICAEw and BIDV have accomplished almost 3 years of effective collaboration. After the ATE, the two have practically organized multiple activities, contributing to the development of human resources under international standards for such a  reputable and valuable Vietnamese financial institution brand.

Since 2018, ICAEw has granted 25 scholarships to BIDV employees. During global examinations and the learning process, learners from BIDV have been supported and connected with the network of ICAEw’s learners and experts in Vietnam and around the globe. Over the past 3 years, ICAEw has regularly set up talk shows and professional seminars to update domestic and international practices for over 150 groups of audience from BIDV.

After 3 years working with ICAEw, two BIDV employees have completed their programs and gained international certificates in Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEw CFAB). They are continuing with ICAEw ACA courses to become future Chartered Accountants, a prestigious title in the field of finance,
accounting, and business. Many other BIDV employees are effortlessly learning to conquer ICAEw's international professional certifications.

The certification and international standard knowledge given by ICAEw programs have boosted the confidence of BIDV employees in their field of work, thus better serving customers and improving the overall operational efficiency of BIDV.

Dr. Can Van Luc, Chief Economist of BIDV and Head of BIDV Training and Research Institute, spoke highly of the collaboration with ICAEw, which was set in the roadmap to improving the quality of human resources in BIDV, contributing to the increase of quality and efficiency in operations in the period of international economic integration.

BIDV has appreciated the professional support and cooperation from ICAEw. ICAEw has offered BIDV employees opportunities and motivation to excel in their work by approaching international standards methodically and effectively in terms of knowledge, professional skills, and professional ethics...

“We believe that in the coming time ICAEw will continue to provide our employees with more international leveled opportunities in learning and professional development”, said Dr. Can Van Luc.

In the banking sector development strategy to 2025, vision to 2030, development of a high-quality human resource is identified as one of the key factors for sustainable development, enhancing competitiveness, reducing the development gap between Vietnam’s banking sector and that of the region and the world.  Some experts firmly argued that a human resource with skills and recognized professional certificates which are under international standards, such as ICAEw's, is an important factor for Vietnam’s financial and banking sector’s success in the integration process.

Founded in 1880, the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) has a long history of serving the public interest and it continues to work with governments, regulators, and business leaders around the world. And, as an improvement regulator, it supervises and monitors over 12,000 firms, holding them, and all ICAEW members and students, to the highest standards of professional competency and conduct. ICAEW has over 159,000 Chartered Accountants members working in 150 countries and territories globally.

In Vietnam, ICAEW has been actively cooperating with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Training, professional associations, leading enterprises, and universities in human resources training under international standards. The cooperation aims to improve the professionalism of the finance, accounting, and auditing industries, contributing to the development of the business community as well as the Vietnamese economy.


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