Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Phu Dien Branch (BIDV Phu Dien) hereby announces the selection of property auction organizations as follows:

1. Information of property: Land use rights and asset attached to land according to Certificate of land use rights No. G 533378 issued by People’s Committee of Quynh Luu District on 10 May 1996 for Mr. Nguyen Canh Doat; Land lot No. 336a.2 Map No.4; Total area: 669 m2; Assets attached to land: three floors house.

- Reserve price: VND8,500,000,000  (In words: Eight billion and five hundred million Vietnamese Dongs)

2. Time for submission:

The time-limit for direct submitting is 07 days starting from the date of notice (the date which the files were submitted via mailing is attested by date on postmark, provided that they are submitted to BIDV Phu Dien within 10 days starting from the date of notice)

3. Place for submission:

BIDV Phu Dien, Risk management department. Address: No.4 Ward, Dien Chau town, Dien Chau District, Nghe An Province.

Contact person: Mr. Nguyen Huu Than (email:; Phone: 0968.626.178)

4. Criteria for selection:

- Necessary facilities and equipment to secure the auction for the type of asset to be auctioned.

- The auction plan is feasible and effective.

- Capacity, experience and reputation of the asset auction organization.

- Remuneration for auction services, appropriate property auction costs.

- Being on the list of asset auction organizations announced by the Ministry of Justice.

- Has a minimum operating period of 3 years.

- There are at least 03 auctioneers

- Priority is given to organizations with headquarters/branches in Nghe An province

5. Application includes:

- Organization legal documents (business registration, registration of signature and seal etc.)

- A written description of competence and experience.

- Price quotation, other commitments of the auction organization (if any).


- Application documents of the unselected organizations will automatically be expired.

- BIDV Phu Dien will issue a written notice of the result to the selected property auction  organization, those not being selected will not receive such notice. BIDV Phu Dien will not return the documents to the unselected organizations


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