Responding to the direction of the Government in supporting the economy amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam on Directive No. 919/QD-NHNN and 920/ QD-NHNN, from 13 May 2020, BIDV adjusts the ceiling lending and mobilizing interest rates in VND, specifically:

Under Directive No. 919/QD-NHNN dated 12 May 2020, BIDV reduces ceiling mobilizing interest rates in VND for non-term and 1-month term or less deposits to 0.2% p.a. maximum; and for 1 to 6-month term deposits to 4.25% p.a. maximum.

Under Directive No. 920/QD-NHNN dated 12 May 2020, BIDV reduces ceiling lending interest rates for short-term selected business loans in VND to maximum 5% p.a.

Considering cutting input cost to place a foundation for cutting lending rates, thus supporting businesses to access capitals with suitable lending cost and boosting the economy, BIDV expects to continue to reduce mobilizing interest rates for 6-month-term and over by 0.2% to 0.5% p.a.

Cutting lending interest rate is a practical act of BIDV to join with the banking sector in supporting businesses and people to overcome impacts of Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring stable life and production and business activities.

For further information, please contact:

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC

Tel: (+84) 024.22205544 - Hotline: 19009247



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