From now until 07/04/2022, for new customers who join VNPAY Wallet family, complete identification, open BIDV account, successfully linked to VNPAY Wallet, customers will immediately receive combo gifts up to 765.000 VND, inlcuding:

  1. 50.000VND transfered directly to VNPAY Wallet
  2. 65.000VND transfered directly to BIDV account when registering new BIDV SmartBanking and having 1 financtial transaction. 
  3. Combo promotion code discount 650.000 VND on VNPAY Wallet includes:  
  • 01 discount code of 50.000 VND when paying VNPAY-PR on VNPAY Walltet, applicable for orders with value from 150.000 VND. Code expiry date : until the end of 15/05/2022.
  • Voucher discount of 20.000 VND to pay VNPAY-QR, applicable for orders from 150.000VND.
  • Voucher discount of 30% off up to 25.000 VND for Delivery feature.
  • 50.000 VND off voucher when shopping at VnShop, applicable for orders from 500.000VND.
  • 20% off voucher up to 50.000 VND for movie ticket booking feature.
  • 02 vouchers 50.000 VND to pay Baemin, applicable for orders from 51.000 VND
  • 100.000 VND off voucher for hotel booking , applicable for orders from 1.000.000 VND.
  • 15% off voucher discount up to 50.000 VNĐ when bôking train or bus tickets.

Complet the following steps to receive the gift:

Step 1: Download VNPAY Wallet- Register and Enter the referral code “VIVNPAYBIDV”

Step 2: Identify information and open a BIDV account on the “Open a bank account” feature on VNPAY Wallet. Successful Wallet account link

Step 3: Generate 01 payment transaction on the Wallet (excluding money transfer, deposit/withdrawal)

For customers who already have a VNPAY Wallet, you can join the program by opening a bIDV account on the Wallet, succesfully linking, and at the same time, generating 01 financial transaction with the value of 30.000 VND (not including money transfer, deposit/withdrawal) during the promotion period to receive the gifts, inlcluding:

  • 01 discount code of 50.000 VND when paying VNPAY- QR on VNPAY Wallet, applicable for order with value from 150.000 VND. Code expiry date: until the end of 15/06/2022
  • Application period: 07/03 to 30/5/2022


  • Gifts will be sent to customers within 03-05 days from the date the customer fulfills the condition of the program.
  • Promotional codes are only applied when paying on VNPAY e-wallet application.
  • Versatile discount code for featúe on VNPAY Wallet is not applicable to VNPAT-QR Conssumer Loan and Payment service
  • The program doesnot apply to customer who cancel the service, register to open a BIDV account and link with VNPAY Wallet for the second time
  • Customer’s VNPAT e-wallet account must be in acitve status of class A during the time VNPAY pays rewwards ( An active account of type A is completed account that concurrently identifies information and linked to at least 1 bank on the Wallet). In case the customer want to close the account or cancel the link to BIDV before the time VNPAY pays the bonus, it will be removed from the list of customers receiving the reward.

By owning a VNPAY wallet, linking to a BIDV account, users could not only optimize the time and save daily expenses, but also bring a smart shopping payment expereience on a series of features such as payment of daily bills, online shopping on VNPAY, book a taxi, movie tickets, delievering goods, flowers, flights, hotel rooms,..

Open a BIDV account on VNPAY wallet today to receive more incentives!



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