This April, do not miss the most marvelous banking event of the year to welcome the new generation digital banking app SmartBanking applying XR (Extended Reality) technology with international standards.

Visual feast from XR technology

This is the first event in Vietnam to celebrate the XR technology applied for banking services. As a catalyst, XR is a breakthrough technology which brings the most authentic and rewarding banking experiences to audiences in virtual spaces.

Inspired by the theme “Lighting up the dawn”, SmartBanking is visualized as a new technology sun bringing a series of vivid images, treating audience to a marvelous visual feast.

A large audience is eagerly waiting for the event which is expected to create interesting experiences to immerse themselves in the “virtual reality” space. And certainly, the event will also satisfy those who are passionate and interested in high-class digital technology, especially the “tech savvy” young people.

If virtual reality (VR) offers a simulated experience that takes you into a virtual space completely separate from reality, augmented reality (AR) brings graphics into the real world so you can see it with your naked eyes. Meanwhile, mixed reality (MR) blends the real and virtual worlds to create complex environments where physical and digital elements can interact in real time. And XR dominates all these technologies, promising to bring an unprecedented visual feast to welcome BIDV SmartBanking - the new generation digital bank.

Explore “New Tech Sun” with many popular KOLs

Not only a technology feast, the event also gathers famous KOLs of Vietnamese showbiz such as singer/producer Rhymastic, travel blogger Khoai Lang Thang, and young actor Truc Anh.

The event will take the audience to travel with KOLs in the new technology universe to discover BIDV SmartBanking - the new generation digital banking, which unifies Internet Banking and Mobile Banking of BIDV. For the first time in Vietnam, a Digital Banking service can offer customers a completely new experience with consistent interface, login information, limit, features and functions on many different devices such as smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, especially smart watch and smart keyboard.

The first behind-the-scenes photos have been revealed, starting with Rhymastic in a cool, unique outfit like his own rap performance in this event.

Khoai Lang Thang also looks so different, breaking out of his popular image of a sincere and rustic young man to bring a new and modern image full of youthful energy. The appearance of actor Truc Anh will make the audience “fascinated” with the “Technological” beauty and irresistible charm.

Interactive game with attractive gifts

This marvelous event will be livestreamed on BIDV’s Fanpage and Youtube and a series of other large Fanpages at 20:00 on 26 April 2021. When the program is broadcast on Fanpage, the organizers will show the tickets which will randomly appear in the lower right corner of the video screen. Audience who comment those tickets to the livestreaming post will have the opportunity to receive prizes. The first 50 customers who comment the winning tickets will receive an attractive prize. The total prize value of the program is VND65 million.

And there are many interesting things waiting for you, don’t miss it!

See you again at 20:00 on Monday, 26 April 2021 at:

                - BIDV Fanpage:

                - BIDV Youtube:


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