Launched in February 2020 during the outbreak of Covid-19, BIDV's credit package of VND10,000 billion for individual customers affected by the pandemic has supported thousands of customers with super preferential interest rates only from 5.5% p.a. From 14 September 2020, BIDV continues to increase the preferences for customers by reducing interest rates by 0.5% p.a.

Accordingly, customers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic will enjoy a deep decrease in interest rates for each term as follows:

(1) Loan term up to 04 months: interest rate from 5.0% p.a.

(2) Term from over 04 months to 06 months: interest rate from 5.5% p.a.

(3) Term from over 06 months to 11 months: interest rates are from 5.7% p.a.

(4) 12-month term: interest rate from 6.0% p.a.

In the context that the production and business activities of individual customers are gradually recovering after the new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, access to capital through financial leverage is an indispensable factor to revive the economy foundation. The preferential loan package with maximum supported interest rate will be a reliable financial fulcrum for customers who have financial relations with BIDV during this time.

In parallel with this special loan package, BIDV is also implementing a regular business loan package with the scale of VND70,000 billion "Connecting, Reaching Far" with interest rates from 5.5% p.a. for short term loans and a medium and long-term loan package of VND40,000 billion “Companion for reaching far” with interest rate from 7.2% p.a. for loans with term from 36 months (detailed interest rate contact Branch BIDV). Customers have flexible options to suit their personal financial plans, ready to face the complex developments of the economic situation and epidemics in the end of 2020.

At the same time, BIDV also encourages electronic transactions to limit the spread and prevent epidemics. Customers participating in the loan package can simultaneously participate in many attractive incentive programs from other products and services such as e-banking, insurance, deposit money, ... to effectively manage their personal accounts such as: fees for electronic banking services; Offering up to 0.2% / year interest rate when depositing Online; Discount up to more than 70% for online money transfers outside the network; Receive 100% of the top-up card value immediately (maximum VND 100,000 per customer) when registering and recharging your phone on BIDV SmartBanking (conditions applied).

For detailed information, please contact the nearest BIDV branch or call BIDV 24/7 Contact Center via Hotline: 1900 9247.

With its great efforts, determination and modern technology and proven financial capabilities, BIDV has made the best efforts to bring clients diversified convenient products and services for your pleasant experience and great satisfaction, affirming its position as an “Outstanding Retail Banking” for 4 consecutive years (2016-2019) awarded by the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) and the International Data Group (IDG), and “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” for 5 consecutive years (2015-2019) awarded by The Asian Banker. 


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