From 01/01/2022, BIDV waives all transaction fees on digital channels and offers nearly 65 billion VND worth of incentives for customers uhwo register and use BIDV SmartBanking.

Free transactions on BIDV SmartBanking

Accordingly, individual customers are exempted from all fees when transactiong on BIDV SmartBanking, including:

  • 0 fee for transfering money inside and outside the system
  • 0 maintenance fee
  • 0 management fee for 1 account
  • 0 OTT massage fee

In addition, BIDV also offers lifetime waiver for customers when issuing non-physical cards on BIDV SmartBanking, including card issuance fee and annual fee.

With a completely free policy for customers to transact on digital channels, BIDV once again afirms the position of the leading retail bank in Vietnam in accompanying customers to strongly and effectively implement the “casshless payment” policy; support to strengthen the prevention, control and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Previously, BIDV also waived and reduced transaction fees many times, launched B-Free service packages with free of  up to 10 types of fees, support packages accompanying the medical industryl interest rate reduction, extension for loan repayment and many other solutions to support customers to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

65 billion VND to show gratitude toward customers to celebrate 65 years of establishment

On the occasion of 65th anniversary of establisment, instead of deeply thanking customers for accompanying the bank BIDV launches the biggest incentive program ever with a total value of up to 65 billion VND.

Accordingly, from 01/01/2022 to the end of 30/6/2022, all new customers who register for BIDV SmartBanking and make at least 1 fianncial transaction during the program period will immediately receive cash gifts value of 65,000 VND to the account.

A special offer is also available to all customers using BIDV SmarBanking service: 10 customers with the highest current account balance everyday in 2022 will be given 01 mace of SJC 9999 Gold, as a wish for a happy year – 365 days of good fortune and luck to BIDV’s customers

4 easy ways to register on BIDV SmartBanking:

  1. Register on the App using electronic identification(eKYC), for customers who do not have information at BIDV, tutorial at:
  2. Register on the App and authenticate with an ATM card pin code for customers who already have a BIDV ATM card.
  3. Register on the App and authenticate with a set of security questions, for customers who already have information at BIDV
  4. Register online on BIDV Website by the following link:






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