From 5 November 2019 to 19 April 2020, the first 300 customers each week, totaling of 7,200 customers during the program, who make their first financial transactions (cash withdrawal or payment) via BIDV Pay+ will receive VND20,000 in their account.

BIDV Pay+ is an intelligent software installed on mobile devices which communicates via GPRS/3G/4G/Wi-Fi. It integrates card information (*) into mobile devices, facilitates ATM-based cash withdrawal and QR Code payment at stores and on websites, without a physical card or cash. BIDV Pay+ received the “Outstanding Innovative Banking Product/Service 2018” from International Data Group (IDG) in collaboration with Vietnam Banks Association.

The convenience of BIDV Pay+:

+ BIDV’s ATM-based cash withdrawal without card

+ Quick and convenient QR code payment

+ Increase in card safety and security

+ Easy registration and use

How to register for BIDV Pay+:

Step 1: Download BIDV Pay+ from App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Register for service use at ATM(s), register on the app and verify via BIDV online/BIDV Bankplus/BIDV SmartBanking, or register at BIDV’s transaction points nationwide.

For detailed Registration guideline, click here

How to use BIDV Pay+:

Cash withdrawal at BIDV’s ATM(s):

Step 1: At BIDV’s ATM(s): Select “Scan QR” button on the screen

Step 2: Sign in your account on BIDV Pay+ with registered phone number

Step 3: Select Payment/Cash Withdrawal buttons and scan the QR code displayed on ATM screen

Step 4: Enter the amount you want or choose available cash withdrawal option on the app and confirm

Step 5: Select the amount on ATM screen

Step 6: Enter card PIN to verify and receive cash

For detailed Instruction on cash withdrawal at ATM(s) via BIDV Pay+, see here

Goods and services payment:

For payment at stores accepting BIDV Pay+/OnePay or on websites accepting payment via QR OnePay

Step 1: Sign in your account on BIDV Pay+ with registered phone number

Step 2: Select Cash Withdrawal/Payment buttons

Step 3: Scan QR codes at stores/websites and enter your payment information

Step 4: Confirm and finish the transaction


(*) BIDV Pay+ now supports information integration for BIDV debit cards.


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