On 20 December 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City, BIDV and Gia Dinh People Hospital signed a cooperation agreement on implementation of cashless payment solutions. This is a crucial step in improving the quality of hospital service, as well as saving the time and effort of the hospital and patients.

Non-cash payment for hospital fees aims to shorten the process of medical examination and treatment, reducing the time and cost of handling cash for patients. This solution emphasizes flexibility, utility and ease of use for patients, increasing patients' satisfaction with hospital services.

To pull off that goal, BIDV and Gia Dinh People Hospital have implemented the payment through a variety of channels such as: 2in1 health card, POS/SmartPos that accepts domestic and international cards, QR code / Barcode, etc.

In addition, the solution focuses on automatic processing methods like automatic checking between hospitals and the bank, thus ensuring safe, fast and accurate transactions.

The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between BIDV and Gia Dinh People Hospital

Addressing at the ceremony, Director of Gia Dinh People Hospital, Dr. Nguyen Anh Dung believed that with BIDV's payment solutions, patients would fast, safely and conveniently pay hospital fees . At the same time, such modern and practical payment methods would greatly support both the patients and the medical staff at the hospital.

Director of BIDV Phu My Hung Branch - Ms. Tan Thi Thu Ha - stressed on BIDV's strive in innovation and technology to maintain the leading position in the market, contributing positively to the development of the community. In healthcare, BIDV would accompany hospitals through a solution package of non-cash payment, contributing to the implementation of non-cash payment policy of the government.


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