In order to enhance data security and increase customer experience when using BIDV mobile apps, from 16 August 2019, BIDV officially implements advanced authentication method of Smart OTP integrated into BIDV SmartBanking.

1. What is Smart OTP?

BIDV Smart OTP is a authentication method installed on customer’s mobile devices to generate OTP for each transaction. OTP is encrypted with complex multi-layer protection system. Therefore, it is safer and more secure than SMS OTP and hardware Token.

2. Advantages of BIDV’s Smart OTP integrated by BIDV?

Unlike the previous Smart OTP version, from 16 August 2019, BIDV integrates Smart OTP into BIDV SmartBanking. Thus, customers only need to install and use only one app, which is BIDV SmartBanking, for conducting transaction on a mobile device.

This integration proves to have many outstanding advantages:

- Customers do not need to install or open another app during the online transaction process.

- User-friendly, safe and secure since the whole process is implemented right on BIDV SmartBanking on one mobile device only.

- No need to remember and enter OTP by hand. OTP will be displayed and filled in automatically after customer entering the valid PIN code.

- Convenient app with 3 “NO”: NO network connection required, NO roaming, NO mobile phone signal (NO waiting for SMS OTP) – useful when traveling abroad.

- Free to use and easy to activate and register within the app.

3. Who should use BIDV Smart OTP?

- Individual customers who are using BIDV SmartBanking and wish to transfer with limit of over VND100 million/day.

- Individual customers using BIDV SmartBanking, who wish to enhance data security for online transactions and experience a modern and most secure authentication method.


- For individual customers who are using the old version of Smart OTP authentication method (or who have downloaded the BIDV Smart OTP app): From 16 August 2019, the conversion to Smart OTP is required and will be converted automatically on BIDV SmartBanking.

- The integrated Smart OTP only works on BIDV SmartBanking. For transactions via BIDV Online and BIDV Business Online, please continue to use the separate Smart OTP app. Instructions of BIDV Smart OTP app are attached below.

4. How to register and use integrated BIDV Smart OTP?

4.1 For individual customers who are using the old version of Smart OTP authentication method (or who have downloaded the BIDV Smart OTP app):

Customers log into BIDV SmartBanking and follow the instructions in the app.

After successfully activating the integrated Smart OTP authentication method, customers will have the first 3 financial transactions authenticated by SMS OTP (excluding OTP CAPTCHA shown on the transaction confirmation screen of the following transactions: transferring within one's accounts, online deposit/withdrawal, top-up mobile phone, payment of electricity/water/telecommunications/television bills under VND5 million). Authentication by Smart OTP will be applied from the 4th transaction.

4.2 For customers who are using SMS OTP authentication method:

Customers log in to BIDV SmartBanking, select "Install", then select "Smart OTP" and follow the instructions in the app.

This feature allows customers who are using the SMS OTP authentication method with low-limit package can actively convert to Smart OTP while maintaining the previously registered customer limit package.

For more information, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center: 1900 9247 or the nearest BIDV Transaction Office nationwide.


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