On 25 November BIDV awarded 100 scholarships worth VND300 million to the 55th-intake students of the National Economics University (NEU).


​The awarding of the scholarships follows the master cooperation agreement signed by BIDV and NEU in February 2015. Under the agreement, in the period 2015 – 2019 the two parties are committed to promoting their potential to strengthen cooperation and support for sustainable development. The areas of cooperation include research, training, recruitment, scholarships, communication and branding, and banking services.

Furthermore, under the agreement BIDV is committed to providing scholarships to NEU students worth VND1.5 billion over five years, amounting to VND300 million each year. This is the second year that BIDV has delivered its commitment according to the agreement.

The scholarships from BIDV provide the NEU students with a financial source for their study, motivating them to gain greater achievements in their learning as well as in life.

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