BIDV is the first bank to cooperate with the Research and Application Centre for Residents Data - Ministry of Public Security (RAR) to successfully use chip-based citizen ID cards for transactions at self-service points of BIDV such as ATMs, E-Zones.

Recently, in the series of events to celebrate BIDV’s 65th anniversary held at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), many customers enjoyed new experience such as money transfer, ATM deposit/withdraw, etc., using chip-based citizen ID cards easily, quickly and safely and securely at BIDV’s ATM and E-Zone.

Mr. Do Manh Hung, who had chance to experience this new amazing feature, said: “How convenient it is! Previously, I had to present my ID card every time I made a transaction at the bank counter and fill manually in the form, which took me about 10-15 minutes on average or even longer when information was written incorrectly. However, today, when I used chip-based citizen ID cards for authentication on BIDV’s ATM, all information on my citizen ID card was automatically and accurately recognized and verified by the bank’s system, transaction was done very quickly, simply and conveniently. Cardless deposit, withdrawal and transfer in just 2 minutes”.

Customers withdraw cash on ATMs using chip-based citizen ID card

Authentication and information collation via chip-based citizen ID card makes financial transactions more simple, convenient, safe, fast and fully automatic. At the same time, chip-based citizen ID card supports customer authentication, reducing staff’s operating time, eliminating risks of forgery and errors in the operation process compared to ID card manual checking.

Currently, BIDV is launching this service at 09 transaction points in Hanoi City and Quang Ninh province. In the coming time, BIDV will continue to coordinate with RAR to expand the service system-wide and on BIDV SmartBanking app to improve customer experience when using chip-based citizen ID cards for banking transactions.

Customer conducts money transfer using chip-based citizen ID card on E-zone

Amid the robust digital transformation, building a roadmap to launch products using chip-based citizen ID cards in banking transactions will help leverage National Database on Residents Data and eKYC. BIDV is also a pioneer in accompanying ministries and sectors to disseminate great benefits of chip-based citizen ID cards to customers.


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