Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) attended a forum discussing ways to help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to accelerate digital transformation took place in Hanoi on 9 November 2022 organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Meta Group.

Over 400 delegates from businesses and associations throughout the country attended the said forum, sharing active discussion and exchanging issues, policies, programs, trends, opportunities and solutions on digital transformation for SMEs.

BIDV is a pioneer bank in the field of digital transformation for SMEs

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Le Ngoc Lam - BIDV's CEO - discussed BIDV's key solutions to accompany SMEs in the digital transformation process.

First, BIDV has developed a diversified portfolio of digital financial products and services, including product lines for receivable management, payables management, liquidity management, etc., to help corporate customers save time, costs and easily access banking products and services for their digital transformation progress.

Second, in order to support businesses to overcome the limitation of financial resources for digital transformation, BIDV has implemented exclusive policies and programs for corporate customers, such as waiver of all domestic transfer transactions for new or hibernating customers when registering for the Financial Service Package of BIDV iBank; 50% reduction of fees for trade finance and international money transfer transactions on BIDV iBank; waiver of connecting to BIDV iConnect service of BIDV; negotiating with ERP suppliers to have preferential policies for customers using BIDV iConnect service.

Third, BIDV has implemented communication and training programs on digital products for businesses with many new and accessible forms to spread BIDV's solutions to customers, thereby implementing BIDV's goals on supporting SMEs in digital transformation.

As a pioneer bank in supporting digital transformation for SMEs, BIDV has constantly implemented comprehensive digital solutions for SMEs. With excellent results in business activities, especially digital transformation for SMEs, BIDV has been honored with prestigious awards such as Best SME Bank in Southeast Asia 2022, Best SME Bank in Vietnam 5 consecutive years from 2018-2022…


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