The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) announces the launch of new logo with effect from 26 April 2022.

Accordingly, the Bank continues to keep the bank abbreviation unchanged as BIDV and the full name as the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam. However, the Bank’s logo design and colors have been adjusted.

The wordmark "BIDV" is fine-tuned to be softer and more flexible. Letter V is stylized from the corner of a star wing, linking the wordmark and icon to form a unified and harmonious whole.

The new icon in BIDV’s logo is a creative combination of a star and a yellow apricot blossom. The star image is inspired by the Vietnamese national flag yet shaped with open and moving contours. This is to demonstrate BIDV's movement with an innovative spirit in the digital era towards friendliness and modernity, taking customers, human resources, and digital transformation as the pillar of development, and moving forward.

The new logo’s main colour is emerald green - one of the four precious gemstones crystallized for millions of years. The colour represents the life, longevity and BIDV’s aspiration for sustainable development. The complementary color is the apricot blossom yellow which creates a fresh, dynamic and enthusiastic appearance. The yellow colour also demonstrates the identity of the banking and finance profession.

The launch of the new logo is part of BIDV's strategy to deliver a dynamic and friendly image of a bank that is always on the mission of bringing the best conveniences and benefits to customers, shareholders, employees and society. Aiming to become the bank with the best digital platform in Vietnam, BIDV is set to make more important changes in the up-coming time to improve service quality and provide high quality products and services to all customers, individual and corporate.

The process of complete transformation of BIDV's brand identity is scheduled until 2025. Accordingly, BIDV will not change its logo simultaneously but gradually following the principle of thrift, efficiency and suitability with the bank’s specific conditions.

We would like to thank you for your tremendous support and look forward to continuing to accompany you on the path ahead.


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