After nearly 02 months held online, the dance contest has found out the best performances among 165 entries from dance teams nationwide. The total value of prizes awarded to winning teams is roughly VND200 million.

The contest was held on BIDV's Fanpage from 19 May to 9 July 2021 and received a variety of unique and creative dance moves and music genres. The final works of participants showed unique colors and eye-catching images of not only dance technique but also of the beautiful footage of landscapes all over the country.

In particular, the contest saw the participation of diverse age groups, especially young contestants who were so confident and professional that it  seemed they would become talented dancers in the future. Many entries received thousands of "likes" and shares on social media, contributing to spreading positive energy to the community, especially during the outbreak of the pandemic.

It took a lot of time for the Organizing Committee to carefully review and evaluate each entry in order to select the best teams to win the prize. Ultimately, they decided to offer more awards to encourage excellent performances. Accordingly, the total prize value increased from VND150 million to VND200 million.

The final results are:

- SmartBanking All In Award voted by the judges:

            + First prize: VND60 million (Hanoi Xgirls)

            + Second prize: VND25 million (BKE Team).

            + Third prize: VND10 million(BIDV Cam Pha)

- Award for the most favorite voted on social media:

            + First prize: VND20 million (New Star)

            + Second prize: VND15 million (BIDV Phu Quy).

            + Third prize: VND10 million (BIDV Quang Tri)

- SmartBanking Ambassador Award: 10 million (BIDV Thanh Xuan)

- Additional awards:

            + Best choreography and choreography: VND10 million (B.Nashor)

            + Excellent idea and message: VND5 million (BIDV Transaction Office 2, BIDV Kontum, BIDV Quang Ninh)

            + Creative works: VND5 million (71Homies, Milky Way Tutting)

            + Excellent video editing: VND5 million (BIDV Ban Me)

            + Excellent pioneer team: VND5 million (BIDV Ha Tay)

            + Promising team: VND5 million (Warrior group).

The contest organizer would like to congratulate the winning. At the same time, we would like to express sincerest thanks to all the teams who have enthusiastically participated in the contest. For more information about the contest, please visit BIDV Fanpage here.


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