Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - District 3 HCMC Branch (BIDV District 3 HCMC) announces to seek appraisal organizations for the assets with detailed information as follows:

1. Information of asset:

Land use right, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land according to the Certificate of Land Use Rights, Ownership of Houses and Other Assets on Land No. CM 599219, in the certificate of issuance book number CH 06535 issued by the People's Committee of Tan An City on 06/02/2008.

a. Land use rights:

- Land plot number: 8, map sheet number: 2-10a.

- Address: ward 04, Tan An city, Long An province.

- Area: 2,572 m2, (In words: Two thousand five hundred and seventy-two square meters).

- Use form: private: 2,572 m2 ; general: no;

- Purpose of use: 2,572 m2 of residential land in urban areas.

- Shelf life: long.

- Origin of use: Recognition of land use right as land allocation with collection of use fees.

b. Property attached to land: Not certified.

Note: Road area: 27.1 m2, construction area: 27.1 m2.

2. Appraisal purpose:

Determining the value of the collateral for the auction organization public the collateral to recover the loan debt.

3. Criteria for selecting a appraisal organization:

To ensure that the appraisal of collateral value is carried out in accordance with the law, BIDV District 3 HCMC Branch chooses and gives priority to valuation organizations that meet the following criteria:

a.         The selected enterprise must be on the list of public price appraisal enterprises eligible for price appraisal activities of the Ministry of Finance.

b.        Selected enterprises are not subject to the case of price appraisal according to the provisions of the Price Law and its guiding documents.

c.         Fully meets the standards of the Vietnam Standard Valuation System issued under Circular No. 158/2014/TT-BTC dated October 27, 2014, Circular No. 28/2015/TT-BTC dated 06 / 03/2015 of the Ministry of Finance and the provisions of law on appraisal of prices.

d.        Appraisers fully meet the standards prescribed by the Price Law and the law, have experience in the field of price appraisal; a reputable price appraisal firm, ....

e.         Package price appraisal service price (including costs of surveying, collecting information to appraise prices of collateral, ...)

f.          Other criteria: Provide certification according to regulations, responsible for the appraisal value.

4. Documents required:

- Enterprise legal document.

- Enterprise capacity and experience profile.

- Price quotation (related costs are included)

5. Time, place to submit documents:

- Time: From the date of notice issuance and ending within 05 days from the date of announcement.

- Contact information: Debt workouts department – BIDV District 3, HCMC.

- Adress: 2nd floor, 549 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 03, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

- Tel: (028) 7303 9139.


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