Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Son La Branch (BIDV Son La) announces the selection of an asset auction organization as follows:

1. Property information:

- Property name, quantity, and quality of auctioned asset: 01 truck with 2.4 tons roof, brand JAC, blue color, bearing license plate number 89C-227.35 assembled in Vietnam in 2020, According to car registration number 047917 issued by Hung Yen provincial police on September 7, 2020.

- Property address: Son La city, Son La province

- Starting price: 380,000,000 VND (in words: Three hundred and eighty million VND)

2. Deadline for application submission:

The time limit for direct application submission is 05 days from the date of notification (applications submitted by post shall be counted according to the postmark, provided that BIDV Son La must be received within 07 days from the date of notification). .

3. Application submission location:

- Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Son La Branch, Personal Customer Office, Address: No. 188, Group 5, To Hieu Ward, Son La City, Son La Province

- Contact: Ms. Ta Lan Huong (Email:; Tel: 0904832299).

4. Selection criteria:

- Necessary facilities and equipment to secure the auction for the type of asset to be auctioned.

- The auction plan is feasible and effective.

- Capacity, experience and reputation of the asset auction organization.

- Remuneration for auction services, appropriate property auction costs.

- Being on the list of asset auction organizations announced by the Ministry of Justice.

- Has a minimum operating period of 3 years.

- There are at least 03 auctioneers.

5. A registration dossier includes:

- Legal documents of enterprises.

- Description of qualifications and experience.

- Letter of bid, related documents according to Section 4 of this Notice, other commitments of the auction organization (if any).

* Note:

- The registration dossier is automatically invalidated in case the auction organization is not allowed to auction according to the provisions of law.

- BIDV Son La will send a written notice of the results to the selected auction organization, the units that are not notified of the results are understood as not selected, BIDV ... will not return the documents to the units that do not. selected.


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