1. Debt information:  

- Total amount of debt of  Quoc Viet Seafood Processing and Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company at BIDV Dat Mui Branch, Ca Mau Branch.

- Address: 444, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 6,Ca Mau city, Ca Mau Province.

- Collateral of the debt:

Including receivables, contributed capital shares, land use rights and assets attached to land of the borrower and third parties, specifically as follows:

Property 1: Certificate No: BL 367204  issued by the People's Committee of Ca Mau City on January 15, 2016; plot 12, map number 02, area 3.765.9 m2, land of rice, Address at  Dinh Binh commune, Ca Mau city, province Ca Mau.

Property 2: 07 adjacent land use rights (including land plots No: 286; 287; 288; 289; 308; 263; 290, map number 3), total area 1.284,01 m2, land of urban and a house with 1 ground 4 floors, construction area 152.77 m2. Address 87 Phan Boi Chau, ward 7, Ca Mau city, Ca Mau province.

Property 3: Receivables under mortgage contracts debt claims/receivables No: 039/2019/1199590/HDBD on march 8, 2019;  0015/2019/1199590/HDBD on February 12, 2019; 0016/2019/1199590/HDBD on February 13, 2019; 

Property 4: Shares of capital contributed under mortgage contract No: 0040/2019/6324769/HDBD on March 8, 2019 and unlisted stock mortgage contracts No: 0052/2019/12063050/HDBD on April 26, 2019; 0053/2019/11264983/HDBD on April 26, 2019;

2. Deadline for application submission:

Application deadline is seven (07) days from the date of posting on the web (Documents submitted by post are calculated according to the postmark, provided that BIDV must receive them within 09 days from the date of posting on the web).

3. Address for application reception:

- Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Floor 3, No. 53 Vo Van Tan, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

- Contact detail: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh (email: anhnn9@bidv.com.vn; phone number: 0939.392969). 

4. Criteria for selection:

- The selected organization must be on the Ministry of Finance's public list of price appraisal organizations eligible for price appraisal activities.

- The selected valuation organization is not eligible for valuation according to the provisions of the Law on Prices and its guiding documents.

5. Application documents:

- Organization legal documents. 

- Description of competence and experience.

- Price quotation, other commitments of the auction organization (if any).

        * Notices: 

- Registration documents automatically are expired in case of the valuation organizations is not to be auctioned according to regulations of law.

- BIDV will have documents to notify valuation organizations to be chosen; Units are not to be notified the results  will be considered as failure. BIDV will not return the documents.


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