BIDV announces the selection of assets valuation organizations for the debt of Phong Khe Paper Joint Stock Company

1. Information of assets (debt and debt information):

- Name of property: All debts of Phong Khe Paper Joint Stock Company (debtor) at BIDV Bac Ninh branch.

- Address of the debtor: Phong Khe extended industrial cluster, Phong Khe ward, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province.

- Main field of activity: Paper production.

- Legal representative: Mr. Nguyen Van Uoc – Position: Director according to Business Registration Certificate No. 2300353426 registered for the first time on November 24, 2008, changed for the first time on February 17, 2009.

- Total outstanding balance at BIDV as of February 28, 2022 is [•] VND and [•] USD (in which, principal is 124,770,212,100 VND and 602,084.41 USD; interest debt is 328,680,216,567 VND and 680,145 respectively. USD).

- Assets to secure the debt include:


Number and date of contract

Property Description



010/2009/HD on January 15, 2009

01 production line for printing paper, writing paper and photo paper with a capacity of 20,000 tons (now converted to Kraft paper production).

Phong Khe Industrial Park, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province


008/09/HD date

January 14, 2009

System of factories, office buildings and other assets on an area of ​​15,257.1m2 of land with annual rental payments to June 7, 2057.


32/2018/2723500/HDTC on August 30, 2018

Additional machinery and equipment from upgrading the Kraff paper production line from 20,000 tons/year to a capacity of 36,000 tons/year.


02/07/TC-PK June 25, 2007

02 third party land use rights number AG895660 area 290m2 and AG895672 area 289m2.

Duong O Village, Phong Khe Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province


01/07/TC-PK June 20, 2007

02 third party land use rights number AG895668 area 290m2 and AG895665 area 305m2.

2. Deadline for application submission:

Deadline for direct submission is 07days from the date of notification (the dossier sent by post is calculated by postmark, provided that BIDV  must be received within 09days from the date of notification. newspaper)

3. Place of submission:

- Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Debt settlement center.

- Address: 19th floor, Tower A Vincom No. 191 Ba Trieu, Le Dai Hanh ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi city.

- Contact: Mr. Vi Duc Thanh (Tel: 0987997634; Email:

4. Selection criteria:

- The enterprise submitting the application must ensure the facilities, capacity and conditions to conduct the price appraisal.

- Being named in the list of enterprises eligible for price appraisal activities of the Ministry of Finance.

- The selected valuation enterprise is not eligible for price appraisal according to the provisions of the Law on Prices and its guiding documents.

- Remuneration for appraisal services is appropriate, has operated for at least 03 years and has at least 03 appraisers on valuation

5. Registration dossier includes:

- Legal documents of enterprises.

- Description of capacity and experience.

- Offer price, related documents according to this message Section 4; other commitments of the valuation enterprise (if any).

* Note:

- The registration dossier automatically expires in case the valuation enterprise is not appraised according to the provisions of law.

- BIDV will send a written notice of the results to the selected valuation enterprise, those units that are not notified of the results will be considered as unselected, BIDV will not return the dossiers to the unselected units. select


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