Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) announces the selection of a debt valuation organization as follows:

1. Information of debt

Amout of debt of Quang Phu Bac Lieu Seafood ConstructionJoint Stock Company temporarily as of August 25, 2021 is VND, including principal 42,530,796,800 VND, interest debt 16,710,320,417 VND (Exchange rate on August 25, 2021: 1USD = 22,800 VND).

* Collateral of the debt:

- NH3 ColdSystemAccesories and IQF Conveyor;

- ColdSystemAccessories, Freezing warehouse;

- The right to demand payment of a debt acording to contracts of seafood export finacing.

2. Time to receive records:

Deadline for direct submission is 07 days from the date of notice.Dossier sent by post is calculated by postmarkprovided that BIDV must receive it within 10 days from the date of notice.

3. Location to receive records:

- Loan workout center (Area 4) - Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (Address: 6th Floor, 24 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

- Contactperson: Mr. NongVăn Hung (Email:, Mobile: 0777.224.234).

4. Criteria

- The selected organization must be on the Ministry of Finance's public list of price appraisal organizations eligible for price appraisal activities and belongs to BIDV's priority list;

- The selected valuation organization is not eligible for valuation according to the provisions of the Law on Prices and its guiding documents.

5. Registration file included:

- Enterprise legal documents, description of capacity and experience.

- Letter of quotation, other commitments of the asset price appraisal enterprise (In which the content of the price letter indicates the contents such as the preliminary expected valuation value of the valuation property, the price level ...).

* Note:

- The registration application will be expired in case the valuation enterprise is not appraised in accordance with the law.

- BIDV will send a written notice of the results to the selected enterprises. The ones which do not receive the notice, are considered as not being selected and BIDV will not return application to the unqualified enterprises.


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