1. Debt information:

Name of the property that would be auctioned : Debt of Phong Khe Paper Joint Stock Company at Bac Ninh Branch.

Address:  Phong Khe industrial cluster, Phong Khe ward, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province.

 Main business line: Paper production.

Business Registration Certificate No. 2300353426 registered for the first time on 24/11/2008, changed for the first time on 17/02/2009.

The principal outstanding balance at BIDV at the converted value is VND 138.848.149.775 (including VND 124.770.212.100 and USD 602.084.41).

Collateral assets for the debt of Phong Khe Company at BIDV include: real estate, movable property of the Company and third parties, specifically:



Secured property



010/2009/HĐ dated 15/01/2009

The production line of printing paper, writing paper, photo paper with a capacity of 20,000 tons/year of Phong Khe Company (curently produce Kraf paper)










Phong Khe industrial cluster, Phong Khe ward, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province.


008/09/HĐ dated


System of factories, office buildings and other assets on land with annual rental payment, area 15,257.1m 2 , lease term until June 7, 2057


32/2018/2723500/HĐTC dated 30/8/2018

Additional machinery and equipments from upgrading the Kraff paper production line from 20,000 tons/year to a capacity of 36,000 tons/year.


12/2009/HĐ/ dated 19/01/2009

 1,680 tons of pulp of Phong Khe Company


02/07/TC-PK dated 25/6/2007

2 land use rights of the 3rd party: No. AG895660 (290m2) và No. AG895672 (289m2)




Duong O Hamlet, Phong Khe Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province


01/07/TC-PK dated 20/6/2007

2 land use rights of the 3rd party: No. AG895668 (290m2) và No. AG895665 (305m2)

Starting price: VND 183.673.000.000 .

2. Deadline for application submission:

The deadline for directly applying is 07 days from the date of the notification (the application submitted by post shall be counted according to the postmark and with a condition that BIDV must receive it within 09 days from the date of the notification).

3.  Application submission location:

- Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Loan Workout Center.

- Address: 19th floor, Tower A, Vincom No. 191 Ba Trieu Str, Le Dai Hanh ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

- Contact: Mr. Thanh Duc Vi  (Tel: : 0987997634; Email: thanhvd2@bidv.com.vn).

4. Selection Criteria:

- Enterprises submitting dossiers must ensure that material facilities, capacity and conditions reach the requirements to conduct price appraisal.

- The auction plan is feasible and effective.

- Capacity, experience and reputation of the asset auction organization.

- Remuneration for auction services and the costs for the auction must be appropriate.

- Being on the list of the Ministry of Justice for enterprises which are eligible for price appraisal activities.

- Appraisal services that has operated for at least 03 years with at least 03 active appraisers on valuation would be priority.

5. Registration dossier includes:

- Corporate legal documents.

- Description of capacity and experience.

- Quotation letter and related documents according to Section 4 of this notice (the offer letter has to be put in a sealed envelope).

* Note:

- The registration dossier would automatically expire if the appraisal management company does not reach the requirement to appraise according to the provisions of law.

- BIDV will officially send a  notice of the results to the selected company. Those units that are not notified will be considered as unselected, BIDV will not return the dossiers.


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